'Pretty Little Liars' Primer: Everything You Need to Know (So Far)

If you're not watching the Liars, here's 10 things to know before jumping into tomorrow's brand new episode.
ABC Family
"Pretty Little Liars"

Got a secret, can you keep it?

The secret is out. ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars is just as addictive as ever.  This juicy guilty pleasure based on the young adult Sara Shepard novels of the same name, focuses on four girls, Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) whose best friend goes missing and winds up dead. Their friend, Alison DiLaurentis was the glue that held the girls together and knew all of their deep and darkest secrets. Now “A” is terrorizing the girls with threats to spill their lies to the whole town of Rosewood.

A lot has gone down in their little town during the second season of the show and if you’d like to see it all go down yourself, ABC Family will be broadcasting the end of Season 1 and all of Season 2 hosted by the men of Pretty Little Liars beginning at 11 a.m. Tuesday as part of their Campus Crush week.

What’s that? You don’t have time to sit down and watch every episode. Well you’re in luck…here’s 10 things you need to know to get all caught up before Tuesday night’s new episode, “Save the Date” at 8 p.m.

1. Ian was dead then he "wasn’t" then he was again. At the end of the first season, Ian, who the girls all assumed was Ali’s killer attacked Spencer in the bell tower, was pushed by “A” and was left hanging in the ropes. When the police showed up, his body was gone and the whole town thought the girls were lying. During the second season, Ian was still dead but was seemingly texting his wife Melissa (Spencer’s sister) and found a week later with a fake suicide note made of “A” texts confessing he killed Allison.

2. Noel Khan is a shifty fellow. Last season, Noel was attempting to blackmail Ezra and Aria about their relationship. Now this season, he is not only dating Mona but he always seems to be around when things go wrong for the girls. Besides the devious looks he’s been giving them, he was also the DJ during the Fashion Delivers fashion show where a tribute to Alison was ruined with a hellish video declaring her a bitch.

3. Aria & Ezra or Aria & Jason? Aria and her former teacher, Ezra Fitz are back together but the chemistry is brewing between her and Ali’s older brother. Jason DiLaurentis has said he doesn’t remember much about when he was younger or anything from the day Ali died but he remembers Aria’s pink hair…and he misses it.

4.  Ali was alive longer than we thought she was. After seeing the video of Ali and Ian at the kissing rock the girls were all convinced that Ian was Ali’s killer. It looks like they may have been tricked. In the graveyard after Ian’s funeral, "A" shows them another clip from the video proving she was alive after that incident. So who really did kill Ali?

5. A sleepover every night. Now that “A” has made sure Emily will stay in Rosewood with her fake scholarship offer from Danby, she is shacking up with Hanna while her mom heads to Texas to rekindle her relationship with her husband. “Two liars under one roof. You’re making it so easy” says her gift basket to the girls.

6.“A” isn’t the only black hooded figure in the night. Aria’s brother Mike has been breaking into houses left and right including Spencer’s, Emily’s and an attempt at Jason’s. While Jason brought him to Aria and let it slide, Mike wasn’t so lucky in the most recent episode. The Montgomerys headed to the police station to pick him up while Aria entertained Ezra and Jason for their dinner party. Searching in Mike’s room, Aria found that he also stole pottery made by the girl’s foe, Jenna Marshall.

7. “A” gives so she can take. Though “A” has been terrorizing the girls with his or her threats, she also has helped save the girls on more than one occasion. After all, it was “A” who protected Spencer from Ian in the bell tower. As was written on the screen at the fashion show “My dresses, my game, my rules.” The girls are living on his or her terms. With cappers of the last two episodes showing “A” buying a pair of boots and shooting botox into a tube of lotion, what else will he or she be responsible for?

8. Spencer’s dad is furious and has secrets of his own. In town for the Fashion Delivers fashion show, Ali’s mom, Jessica and Spencer’s dad, Peter fought multiple times about Jason’s return to Rosewood for as yet to be revealed reasons. Spencer also found her dad ready to burn part of a field hockey stick she gave to Ali that her boyfriend Toby found on Jason’s property.  Could this be the weapon that killed Ali?

9. Jenna and Garret in cahoots.Perhaps the biggest lie the girls are keeping is that they are responsible for the fire that blinded Jenna. It seems she could be taking revenge and she has a partner in crime. Could she or they be ‘A’? Garret has been pretending to help the girls all along believing in Spencer’s innocence when she was named a person of interest. However, he was seen kissing Jenna at the end of season 1 and then giving money to Logan Reed (the delivery boy) on Jenna’s order at the end of a recent episode. The girls have finally been tipped off to his shadiness as Mike informs Aria the pottery of Jenna’s he stole was from Garret’s apartment.

10. The parents are finally catching on.  It appears the parents have finally opened their eyes. Well some of them at least. After the disastrous fashion show, Aria’s mom, Ella (Holly Marie Combs) and Hanna’s mom, Ashley (Laura Leighton) were seen having a conversation about what is happening to their girls. With Hanna being hit by a car, the incident at the bell tower and the video bomb at the fashion show, they’re wondering if this is “more than just mean girls” tormenting their daughters. They also question the Hastings’ true intentions in the separation of the girls in the beginning of this season as Ashley says, “Peter Hastings never met a problem he couldn’t buy off.”

ABC Family’s marathon of Pretty Little Liars starts August 2 at 11am with a new episode premiering at 8pm. Don’t forget to check the Live Feed tomorrow night for a recap of "Save the Date" where one of the Liars will be sent to the hospital.