'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Aria's Parents Stand Firm, Lucas' Impossible Mission and New Rosewood Blood

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Now that "A" is without his or her cell phone, does this mean Aria and the rest of the girls have the upper hand?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

That appears to be the case. With the help of tech guru Caleb -- and against Hanna's wishes -- Aria, Spencer and Emily attempt to hack into "A's" cell phone only to find an image of dolls, a reference to the summer finale. It isn't long before "A" takes control and wipes out the phone. Later, Emily discovers during her hotline training that the person with "A's" cell phone called the night before. Is it more than one person? That's looking increasingly likely.

Here are five other big moments that took place during the episode, including the reveal of who was behind the phone call:

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1. Aria's Parents Enforce Ezra Ban: After Byron calls out Aria's "inappropriate" outfit -- consisting of knee-high boots and a black zippered dress -- Aria is hoping her mother Ella will understand where she and Ezra are coming from. Is she insane? Ella doesn't and in fact, forbids Aria from ever seeing Ezra again. But oh teenage rebellion, Aria does just that -- calling her former English teacher three times -- and lives to lie about it. Byron makes his own little visit to Ezra, threatening to out him to the police. At least Aria's friends have her back; what are friends for right?

2. "Spoby" Makeout Turns "A" Stakeout: So that breakup didn't last long. Spencer and Toby make up in the front seat of Toby's truck and overhear Garrett talking exasperatedly on the phone to Jenna. He even says, "The mistake was pulling in somebody else. .. He was your idea." Spencer believes it could be Jason DeLaurentiis.

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3. Lucas' Impossible Mission: Hanna persuades Lucas to help her plan Caleb's birthday party, conveniently at Spencer's lakehouse. What she doesn't know is that Lucas was the one who was the caller that night to the hotline. What?! "There's only one solution," he says as Spencer and Emily listen on. Hanna ain't buying it though, but Spencer and Emily believe he could be the culprit because of his hatred toward Alison. "He's too easy of a target," Hanna declares. Spencer discovers that "A" was in her lakehouse and sure enough, it's Luke who creepily shows up. Lucas essentially reveals that he has to kill Hanna and all the action leads up to the confrontation on the rowboat. It's not pretty .. for Lucas. And shortly thereafter, Hanna.

4. Jenna Throws Her Toy Away: Finally, the relationship between Jenna and Garrett has cracked. It's an interesting scene between Toby on the front steps of his house telling Garrett to let Jenna go, because she obviously has.

5. New Blood in Rosewood: It's about time. Aria bumps into childhood friend Holden on the street, and what do you know, it's perfect timing as far as Aria's parents are concerned. Reason? He's Aria's age.

Here's food for thought: What's really going on with Noel and Mona? Was it just coincidence that they too decided to take a dip around the same time Lucas and Hanna did?

Is Lucas really dead? Is there more than one "A"? Did "A" grab the sneaker out of the lake at the end?

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