'Pretty Little Liars': Aria's Dark Past, an Old Face Returns and a New Love Triangle Forms

Pretty Little Liars 3x02 Janel Parrish Ashley Benson - H 2012
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Movement was made on the latest installment of Pretty Little Liars.

A new love triangle was cemented, Ezra's new gig was revealed (and his first pupil), a key event from Byron and Aria's past was revisited -- only to be put on its head and Jenna's secret (that she can see) is unveiled. (Also, the term "ambiguous loss" is loosely defined.)

Here are some of the episode's biggest moments:

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Meredith May Not Be Byron's Only Affair: Byron's former mistress Meredith returns to the fold and understandably, Aria is shaken at the sight -- at Rosewood High, of all places -- of the woman who wrecked her family. Later, it's revealed that she may not have been the only woman Aria's father was seeing at the time. With Meredith potentially getting a job at the high school, how would that affect Aria's standing?

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Aria's Dark Past, Courtesy of Alison: In a key flashback, we learn that Aria and Alison were the ones who trashed Byron's office at Hollis College -- and found a pair of earrings. (He originally thought it was Meredith who had vandalized his place.) The flashback is brought on by Aria noticing an envelope in her locker with one of a jeweled earring in it. It's one of the few moments we see Aria acting irrationally -- and frankly, it's refreshing to see another side to the Montgomery.

Jenna's Secret Is Out, Sort of: It took them two episodes but Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily discover that Jenna can in fact see after they see her looking at the earring left in the bathroom. Of course, they're planning on using this new intel to their advantage. How will it pan out? (This, after Jenna asks Aria to rehearse for a production and Aria pulls a fib, not knowing that Jenna is aware of it.)

Hanna, Caleb and Wren?: It's been only two weeks but since the season began, Hanna and British doc Wren have been spending an awful lot of time together. Though Hanna and Caleb are going steady, Tuesday's episode showed that Wren is in fact a nuisance to their budding romance.

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Ezra, the Tutor: It wasn't a surprise to see former teacher Ezra making some extra cash by tutoring Emily since a sneak peek clip released last week showed just that. Was it just us but did the ambiance and the music in the Ezra-Emily encounter remind you of an awkward start to a first date?

Garrett Finds New Representation: Spencer's mother opts to serve as Garrett's lawyer, even though she is still convinced that he's guilty. So what changed?

Noel Resurfaces -- in Conversation: Hmm. Hanna brings up Mona's ex-boyfriend Noel during one of her visits to the sanitarium. Why?

The tag was further cemented the possibility that there could be more than one person in on this trouble. "You buying all of these for a team?" asks the guy at the counter of the store after a person buys several seemingly "A"-related items.

What did you think of the episode?

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m.