'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 5 Mysteries Explained (Sort Of)

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Two episodes left of Pretty Little Liars until "A" is finally revealed -- and things in Rosewood are getting mighty complicated.

It's not just the four girls (Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily) getting deeper and deeper into the mystery of "A," now the parental units are starting to act on their suspicions that something odd is going on that could jeopardize their daughters' lives.

The episode's event of the hour, a father-daughter dance, was also the perfect setting for some relationships to hit a wall -- while others moved forward -- and by the end of the hour, someone viewers are all too familiar with may have climbed to the top of the list as suspect No. 1 for "A."

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Here is what went down on "Father Knows Best," also directed by series star Chad Lowe:

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Mystery #1: Where Did Maya Go?

Tonight's episode picked up hours after last week's ended and if you remember, the big cliffhanger had a police officer asking Emily if they could ask some questions about Maya. As it's revealed early on, Maya isn't exactly in danger; in fact, no one quite knows where she is. Did she run away to get away from boot camp like she said she would? For the entire hour, Emily investigates Maya's last steps and finds she

Mystery #2: Is Melissa the Prime Suspect?

It seems all too convenient that in the last few episodes now, Spencer's older (and very pregnant) sister Melissa is suspect No. 1 for "A." But her actions as of late haven't exactly painted her in a good light. During a chat, Spencer finds out that Melissa was texting Alison before she disappeared and didn't sign her name. Kind of like a certain mysterious someone, right? Melissa's argument isn't the strongest one, but her reasoning for sending essentially "anonymous" texts? Because Alison knew they were from. While the rest of the girls (and the rest of the viewing audience) remain suspicious, Spencer insists: "My sister is not 'A.' " This brings it back to the Lucas reveal several episodes ago, when his actions were creepy and questionable at best; while everyone believed it played into the larger "A" mythology, not so, he just had a gambling problem.

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Mystery #3: Where The $15,000 Conundrum

In an effort to smooth things over with Spencer, he leaves a nice necklace prior to the father-daughter dance (and of course Melissa is suspicious), calling it "overcompensating." Later, Spencer finds a check stub written out to "Cash" for the sum of $15,000. Did he actually pay Alison's blackmail? Not so. Apparently he hired a private investigator to look into Alison's disappearance. Another telling sign that things -- at the moment -- are pointing to Melissa being "A," the fact that her own father said this: "I was worried about your sister." There was also a break-in at the Hastings house because that locked drawer Spencer tried to get into earlier, the gun that was in it is now gone. And conveniently, Melissa leaves shortly thereafter.

Mystery #4: Who Sent Hanna's Shoplifting Police Report?

Hanna's mother Ashley is getting more and more suspicious that her daughter is hiding things from her that could affect people's lives, so much so that she tells her that she needs to access her phone to see who she's communicating with. (This after Hanna and Mona see Ashley and Officer Wilden have a secret meeting about the shoplifting report.) What does Hanna do? Throw her phone in the sink full of soapy water. "I'm outta here," Hanna says before she sashays out of the kitchen. Later, Aria lies to Ashley, telling that that it was her who sent Hanna the message with the "faked shoplifting report" thanks to Photoshop and all. "I'm 'A,' ... 'A' for Anonymous, 'A' for Aria ...," she trails off. Ashley doesn't buy it and has a strategy session with Aria's mom Ella. Of course, "A" is right outside as the two women have their conversation.

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Mystery #5: Who Is the Guy Calling Aria, "Vivan"?

The girls arrive in Brookehaven after Aria receives a call from Jonah, who tells her that Vivian's friend Alison was receiving texts from more than one number in a one-block radius. They try to figure out where it could have came from when they see an antiques shop selling creepy dolls, the same ones that were sent to them earlier in the season. Aria puts on a red coat, similar to one that Vivian wore, and a guy calls out to her (as Vivian, of course). Who is he?

What are your thoughts on "Father Knows Best"? Who looks the guiltiest at the moment as "A"? Was that Toby on the motorcycle that Spencer saw outside of the father-daughter dance?

Pretty Little Liars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.