'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A' Puts a Dent in Aria, Hanna and Spencer's Romances

Pretty Little Liars: TV Still - 1/23/12 H
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Let's keep it simple this week, shall we?

"A" throws a wrench in Aria and company's relationships, again, and as expected, it's not pretty. Here's where the girls stand by the end of "The Blond Leading the Blind":

[Warning: If you haven't watched Monday's episode, don't go any further. Spoilers ahead.]

Spencer: "A" is on to Spencer and Toby, sending a photo of their make-out session to her phone. Toby thinks he and Spencer are back together, but Emily is forced to cover for her buddy, lying to Toby and saying that Spencer's father is back. But Toby has a brain, so he's not buying it. Remember that tag at the end of last episode, with "A" loosening one of the screws? Well, turns out Toby is the victim of the loose screw, tumbling to the ground when the scaffolding collapses. But the hospital visit means Wren's return, which complicates this Toby-Spencer "pairing" even more, so much so that Toby is clued in to Spencer's past relationship with Wren. Awkward. Sure enough, Toby presumably has left town by episode's end.

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Aria: Is Holden gay? That's what the others think. Cue Aria's episode-long mystery. Aria's mother is quite the sleuth, inquiring about Aria's trip to Philadelphia "with" Holden and eventually inviting herself along for the ride. So when Aria and Holden are finally alone in the city, she asks him (sort of) point blank if he's gay, to which Holden reassures he isn't. Yay? Meanwhile, Ezra gets a lecture in romance by one of his students (isn't that how it always works in TV?): "Be bold." At the 11th hour, Ezra and Aria reunite .. in the rain .. in Philadelphia. When it looks like Aria is in the doghouse again, Holden wins brownie points by narrowly saving her butt when her mother arrives to pick them up.

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Hanna: Caleb sees the video on the laptop and one of the people in it is Garrett, who he sees sitting a few tables away at the cafe he's working at. An incredibly uncomfortable exchange ensues. When Caleb tells Hanna that he was working on retrieving video -- that showed Garrett's face -- and that is what's on the USB drive, Hanna decides to ruin it -- in the blender, no less. But look, Caleb -- who made a copy of the files -- recruits Emily and Spencer to help him search for answers (because Hanna won't).

Mona: After an abrupt breakup with Noel, Hanna tries to comfort her friend who fires back with an ugly jab. Shortly after, Mona attempts to give back a necklace to her ex-boyfriend but Noel exercises his right to be a douche and replies, "Sorry, no returns, no exchanges." Then he dives deeper into jerk-dom, throwing it in the trash. After Mona has a heart-to-heart with Hanna in the bathroom, Jenna (she's back!) emerges from one of the bathroom stalls, which brings us to a later scene: Out on the town, Mona and Hanna see Jenna and Noel in a restaurant. Scheming, perhaps?

Emily: Jenna drudges up the past, most notably Toby and Emily's complicated .. friendship. Emily is tasked by Spencer to reveal that she had a fling with someone else, someone "who's back." (Translation: Wren.)

Other tidbits to keep in mind --

N.A.T. Club: The girls discover that the N.A.T. club, in addition to Jenna, were in Allison's bedroom the night she was killed via a video. In it, it shows Garrett discovering that Ian taped them all this time and the two got into a scuffle before Allison came into the room.

Boys Better Watch Their Backs: In the tag, "A" has several black-and-white shots of Ezra and Aria's romantic makeout pinned on a wall, before going forward and cutting the photos up and setting his half on fire. Is he next?

Where did Holden go while he and Aria were in Philadelphia? What does this mean for Spencer and Toby? What did you think of tonight's Pretty Little Liars?