'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 6 Rosewood Mysteries Uncovered in 'CTRL:A'

Some questions were answered in Monday's episode, but several more were raised, notably the connection between "A's" identity and Alison's murder.
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"Pretty Little Liars"

Pretty Little Liars answered some questions raised in last week's episode, but in true form, had viewers scratching their heads.

Holden's secret life was uncovered, Spencer discovered more and more about her father's past dealings with the DiLaurentis family and the girls came thisclose to finding out the identity of "A."

Here are the biggest mysteries from the episode, "CTRL:A," and where they stand at the moment:

[Warning: If you haven't watched Monday's episode, do not read further. Spoilers ahead.]

Spencer & Jason: After last week's reveal that Spencer and Jason have the same father, more secrets are unraveled, one of which is a box that Alison had that contained letters from Jason's mom and Spencer's dad -- with envelopes of $5,000 each. It's not Spencer's father who was blackmailed, it's discovered during the episode, so who was it? Mystery still unsolved.

Hanna & Caleb: Police take Caleb's laptop on some bogus hacking charge, but Hanna -- wearing big, shiny gold Chanel earrings -- persuades Caleb to rid of any "shady" files that Officer Garrett (public enemy No. 1) may have uploaded. During an interrogation and just when the police are closing in on some school files, they magically disappear (thanks to Hanna and Spencer's speedy fingers). And the significance of 1105? Easy: It's the first night Hanna and Caleb spent the night together ..

Vivian: Aria and the gang meet the guy on the phone, Jonah, at a coffeeshop and it's revealed that Alison was looking into the person who was sending text messages from a blocked number (likely "A"). It's discovered that Alison may have known who "A" was and was killed for just that reason. It's $2,000 to find out the information Alison knew and the girls are ready to shell it out.

Aria & Ezra: Ezra loves Aria so much that he made a reservation for vegan restaurant Chez Mirabelle Vegan Bistro, but the omnipresent "A" lets Aria's father Byron in on the secret meeting, dropping by to catch the forbidden couple in the act. The confrontation between Ezra and Byron doesn't happen (partially due to Ezra seeing his Hollis College colleague first and Aria's timely dinner cancellation), and trust is starting to get restored between Byron, Ella and Aria (but not for the right reasons).

Holden: Aria discovers Holden's real secret life, that he competes in a Korean form of martial arts, something his parents have forbidden him to take part in. Those pills? Oh, just some pain meds. But it's Aria's mother Ella who drops a bombshell: Holden actually has a heart condition (and he can die at any moment). Aria watches Holden take a beating during a matchup, but, he ultimately takes home the gold. True connection forming?

Maya: Turns out, she isn't as reformed as previously thought. With the threat of getting sent out of town (again), Emily catches Maya getting ready to smoke up. What?! (And also, why was she talking to Jason?) Danger, danger: Emily tries to get in touch with her, but "A" outside lurking.

The mystery of the missing page of Alison's autopsy report continues, this time with Hanna and her friends being targeted by the police to no avail. What are your thoughts on Holden's secret? What do you think is going on with Maya?

Pretty Little Liars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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