'Pretty Little Liars': Emily's Revelation Shines Light on 'A'

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[Warning: Major spoilers from Tuesday's episode "Dead to Me."]

More revelations were made on Pretty Little Liars.

From Spencer's continued downward spiral and Aria's friendship with Ezra's brother to Emily's eye-opening therapy sessions and Caleb's unexpected family meeting, "Dead to Me" covered the entire spectrum. THR highlights the biggest storylines from Tuesday's episode:

Emily's hypnotherapy pays off: It's still unclear whether the treatment Dr. Sullivan (Annabeth Gish), back in action in Rosewood, proposes to help Emily deal with the traumatic events at the lighthouse is ultimately a good thing. For the moment, it seems to be paying off. A good amount of time has passed since the night Emily shot Maya's killer, Nate, dead -- and the teen hasn't been able to fully grieve/come to grips with her actions even though there has been much talk about her heroic experience.

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It's through the hypnotherapy that Emily flashes back to that night Alison disappeared, but it doesn't answer more questions. Instead, it introduces more. During the session, Emily starts to panic when she sees herself holding the murder weapon (a shovel) before hitting a hysterical Alison with it. Wait, so ... is Emily the guilty party?

Here's where it gets complicated. Later on, after starting to believe that maybe she could hurt someone (she did in fact kill a guy), Emily starts to put two and two together and sprinklers (heard only in Alison's background, not at the grave site) are the key. Turns out, that vision she had with Dr. Sullivan was a combination of memories. Whew. What Emily does straighten out, however, is that there was a blonde woman wearing a red coat lurking at Alison's grave site: "She's the one in charge."

Did Emily and Alison date?: In another flashback, more is revealed about the close friendship between the two, with detailed conversations about a France trip. It's been established that Emily and Alison were always close, but does this mean that they were romantic?

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Aria gets cozy with Ezra's brother: While Ezra (Ian Harding) is busy tending to his child, Aria and his brother Wesley Fitzgerald (Gregg Sulkin) hang out -- a lot. Nothing romantic happens between the two but his presence sheds light on Ezra's family members and why she's such a crucial part in his life. For one thing, it's revealed that Ezra taught him how to drive when he was 12 years old (!) and Wesley is hanging out in Rosewood because he was hitting on his (older) physics teacher. "What kind of school did you go to!" Aria asks after he punches his teacher's husband in broad daylight. An interesting piece of nugget: Ezra's family was a lot more predictable before Ezra met Aria. According to Wesley, she's "unpredictable," and that's why Ezra's mom hates her.

Did Caleb meet his father?: The bombshell comes after Caleb's Uncle Jamie gives Hanna (Ashley Benson) a baby picture of Caleb at six months old after he and Hanna head to a shed to sort through belongings once it's revealed his aunt is selling his childhood home. Hanna makes the connection (his ring was the common thread) that Jamie -- who was repeatedly making sure Hanna was taken care of by Caleb -- is likely Caleb's father, who left the family when he was young. When she breaks the news to Caleb, he has a hard time believing it himself. 

Spencer continues her spiral: There's something oddly refreshing about seeing Spencer (Troian Bellisario) not in her element, with dark circles under her eyes and looking unkempt. In an act of selfishness, she tells Jason (Drew Van Acker) about Alison's pregnancy and Det. Wilden's connection to it -- at her friend's new place of burial of all places. (The photo tying Det. Wilden to Cape May is also missing.) 

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