'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 5 Memorable Moments From 'Eye of the Beholder'

Pretty Little Liars: 2/5/12 Still - H 2012
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The countdown continues until "A" Day.

The latest installment (third to last episode of the season for those keeping track) moved the story just enough, without giving everything away. Some of the topics addressed in "Eye of the Beholder" included Maya's sudden disappearance, Alison/Vivian's old friend from the past, Toby's return to Rosewood and an explosion that nearly kills one of Rosewood's residents.

Here are the top moments from the hour:

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Three's a Crowd: Toby's return to Rosewood means Spencer finds herself in the center of a romantic entanglement. At the moment, it appears the good doctor Wren has the leg up on Toby, but the two can't help but one-up the other in the hospital. That cues up one of the more memorable lines of the episode, from Jenna of Wren: "I bet even a lie would sound good in that accent." The Wren-Spencer fans need not worry (for now, anyway); Spencer kiboshes any chance of a romantic Spoby reunion.

Duncan's Secret About Alison: More information is doled out about the guy, Duncan, who mistakenly called Aria, "Vivian," at the end of last week's episode. Turns out, he flies small planes and flew Alison/Vivian around, including the night things all changed for Alison. Duncan even revealed that Alison/Vivian seemed different, like "she had figured something out." The girls discover that he flew her into town hours before they even thought she was in town. So who exactly was she meeting at the Rosewood fair?

Someone ("A?") Tries to Kill Jenna: The biggest development of all came in the final minutes, when the girls realize that clues about what Alison was up to were also on the newspapers that were in the bag Jason had given them with some of her possessions. When Hanna races over to the DiLaurentiis house to take the bag, she notices Jenna struggling to leave the house, engulfed in flames. Hanna pulls her out before the house explodes. Later in the hospital, Jenna tearfully asks Hanna, "Why?" It's a simple gesture, but a sign that Jenna may actually have a heart in there after all.

Ezra Grows a Spine: As of late, Ezra has been relegated to the sideline, dealing mostly with his relationship with Aria -- one her parents, especially Byron, disapprove of strongly. Just when you think Ezra will roll over and concede, he tells Byron exactly what's going down: that he won't take the job in New Orleans. It may be a mistake, "but it's not the mistake you think I'm making," Ezra declares with a glint in his eye. Strongest line has to be: "It's like this Byron, you think I'm the kind of man who would take this way out and I know I'm not." Are viewers seeing another side?

More People Grow Suspicious of Melissa: It's not just Spencer's dad who's suspicious of Melissa's part in all of this. It's actually Spencer's mom who cops to having the initial idea of hiring a private investigator in the first place.

Who do you think put the badge in the burnt DiLaurentiis house? Who are you growing more suspicious of for "A" possibilities?

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