'Pretty Little Liars': Melissa Answers Key Questions

In the fourth episode, "Face Time," a new detective puts pressure on Hanna's mother, Aria addresses her complicated Ezra past and Emily's family is reunited.
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"Pretty Little Liars"

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from Tuesday’s episode, “Face Time.”]

Another week, some more questions answered on Pretty Little Liars.

In the July 2 episode, "Face Time," things in Rosewood aren’t looking so rosy, as a new detective heads into town in the continued search for answers surrounding Detective Wilden’s death. Though Hanna’s mother is easily the top suspect (at the moment, at least), Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) provides some key details to the fire at the lodge that nearly killed the Liars — and fueled the town’s (and Internet) speculation that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) may actually be alive and kicking after all.

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THR highlights the episode's biggest storylines:

A new detective comes to town: Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris) brings along his partner, Lieutenant Tanner (Roma Maffia), as they continue the investigation into Detective Wilden's mysterious murder — and they're very suspicious of Hanna's mother, Ashley (Laura Leighton). When they look into Wilden's vault at Ashley's bank they find wads of cash, two passports (one from the U.S., one from Canada) and a gun. Tanner asks if Ashley ever saw the contents of the box before that moment and she's stunned beyond belief. As a consequence, the bank takes away Ashley's responsibility of taking clients to the vault. When Holbrook and Tanner visit the Marin household to ask more questions, Hanna and Caleb cover for Ashley, prime suspect No. 1. This doesn't bode well for Ashley, whom Hanna suspects is guilty of Wilden's murder, "and I think 'A' knows it."

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Melissa answers some questions: Speaking of Wilden's murder, Spencer's sister Melissa finally provided some answers to some questions. After Spencer (Troian Bellisario) breaks the news to her mom that she was rejected from the family alma mater, University of Pennsylvania (and her mom doesn't believe her), she concedes that maybe there are a few things she could learn from Melissa. Later, Spencer and Aria (Lucy Hale) put on their sleuthing hats and spy on Melissa as she discovers the mask they stole from Hector, the mask maker, that they planted in her suitcase. They follow her to Hector’s creepy workplace; the two split up, with Spencer following Melissa and Aria keeping watch for Hector. Melissa is seen throwing face moldings in the lake before Spencer confronts her; Melissa reveals that she traded her face for information from Hector. Here’s some of the juicy details: Melissa, who was on the Halloween train, is questioning if Alison is still alive. That, and “they” were afraid of Wilden. Another bombshell? That Melissa was looking out for Spencer this whole time. Though Shana (Aeriel Miranda) and Jenna (Tammin Sursok) were at the lodge, they didn’t actually set the fire — that, Melissa says, was Wilden. When Spencer asks if she had anything to do with Wilden’s death, Melissa doesn't provide a firm answer.

The mystery of Alison’s last summer: While Spencer and Melissa are off arguing/putting the pieces of the puzzle together about Alison and Red Coat, Aria discovers a row of Alison’s face moldings in Hector’s shop. Creepy? Yes. Hector reveals to Aria that he owed Alison some money; when he gets paid, she gets paid via masks. He recounted the last time he ever saw Alison, her last summer, when she took all of his money and sped off in a black vehicle — though he couldn’t make out who was in the driver’s seat.

Aria and Jake take two steps back: Aria and Jake (Ryan Guzman) are still hanging out in their maybe-relationship, but after a chance encounter with Ezra’s son Malcolm, she is forced to spill the beans about her complicated history with the Rosewood High teacher. But at least the two don’t quite put the kibosh on their romance. Jake leaves the door open when Aria asks if she can call him.

A not-so-happy reunion: Emily’s father returns home! Though the context of his return to Rosewood isn’t a happy one, with external forces targeting their family. Emily’s parents are extremely worried about Emily (Shay Mitchell), but that’s something that will likely play out over the course of the next few episodes, one would imagine. Emily learns that she may need surgery, which puts her swimming career at Stanford on the back burner. But at least Paige (Lindsey Shaw) is reasonable and still willing to stick by Emily. As the episode closes out, however, there’s some ruckus outside the Fields’ home: Supposedly someone reported a domestic disturbance. Looks like “A” is upping the ante.

Toby continues investigating his mom’s “suicide”: Toby (Keegan Allen) meets Dr. Palmer, who worked at Radley while his mother was a patient, hoping for some answers that could help him piece together the puzzle. Unfortunately for him, he learns that Dr. Palmer isn’t of sound mind (dementia).

Notable quotable:

  • “That guy has so many heads, he won’t miss one.”

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