'Pretty Little Liars': Wren Makes a Move, Ezra Returns and Wilden Stirs Up Trouble

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[Warning: Spoilers from Tuesday's episode, "Hot Water."]

Are the Pretty Little Liars in over their heads? Is Spencer (Troian Bellisario) moving on from Toby's (Keegan Allen) "A" betrayal? Will Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) be OK? How much more trouble will Det. Wilden (Bryce Johnson) stir up in Rosewood?

On Tuesday's episode, "Hot Water," the girls move forward with the Cape May mystery and Det. Wilden's clear ties to it, but as the Liars get closer and closer to the truth, someone close to their lives takes matters into their own hands. THR highlights the biggest moments from this week's episode:

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"Wrencer" takes it to the next step: Remember the ugly Spencer-Mona fight in last week's episode? Well, Wren (Julian Morris) wants to discuss it with Spencer, since he was the innocent bystander in all of it. So Wren meets up with Spencer at the coffee shop to talk about that unfortunate moment -- as well as other things, including the state of their "relationship" (or whatever). So, yes, Wren came back to town to be a good doctor, but he also had his own motives, namely to win Spencer over with Toby out of the picture. Instead of leaving things be, Wren takes the initiative and asks Spencer out to dinner (and, for the record, the feelings are mutual). Though he cuts dinner short -- to go back to work, or so he says -- the British doc swoops in to kiss and gets rejected. Ouch. But the second time's the charm. Question, though: Is "A" (or rather Toby) watching?

Ezra returns to Rosewood: It's about time. Ezra is back in town after meeting his biological son Malcolm, but Aria discovers this at an inopportune time, as she's in the middle of leaving a voicemail for his brother Wes -- since they, you know, kissed. If Aria thought this was the end of their relationship, she will come to see she was mistaken: Surprise, surprise, Ezra still wants her to be a part of his life. Meanwhile, Ezra and his mom are on the outs, prompting Ezra to collect the spare apartment key his mother had made. Talk about awkward. But things with him and his son are still a work-in-progress. While Ezra and Aria work on repairing their relationship, Ezra's mom pulls a complete 180: She's selling the condo Maggie's been living in. Safe to say it's a ploy against Ezra.

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#TeamSparia: Spencer continues to dig herself deeper into a hole, and she's pulling her friends into it. The person feeling the wrath, so to speak, is Aria. When Aria tries to cheer Spencer up in the school bathroom, she makes sure that Spencer knows it's not just about her all the time. "You're not the only one who could use a little Team Sparia," Aria tells a silent Spencer. So when it's Aria who saves Spencer from near death after being locked in a triple-digit steam room, Team Sparia is in full effect. That near-death moment also causes Spencer to tell her closest friends about who is helping Mona. How will they react after finding out about Toby's "A" involvement?

Det. Wilden goes missing: Is he dead? Where did he go? That remains unclear at the moment (and the PLL tag certainly didn't put matters to bed), but Det. Wilden goes out of his way to deny that he had anything to do with Alison, her disappearance or her pregnancy. To the point where he sabotaged a nice dinner Hanna's mother Ashley (Laura Leighton) was enjoying to threaten her and forced her to pull over following their impromptu "meal." He wants to make sure Ashley knows that he wants Hanna (Ashley Benson) to keep quiet about the Cape May/Alison of it all: "Either you shut Hanna up or I will!" That's what does Ashley in: She presses on the gas and runs him over! When she and Hanna return to the crime scene, Wilden is gone.

The Cape May mystery continues: The blanks are starting to get filled as we learn who took the offending Cape May photo of Det. Wilden, Alison and Cece (who leaves town) that's been the cause of so many problems. Turns out, it's Spencer's big sis Melissa (Torrey DeVitto). Certainly adds another wrinkle. Also, are the girls right to ask about Cece and the red coat?

What are your thoughts on Tuesday's episode?

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