'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Is 'A' more than just one person?

Pretty Little Liars - TV Still: Kissing - 2011
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Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Touched by an ‘A’-ngel” was directed by Mr. Montgomery himself, Chad Lowe and in it we were given lots of insight into the Jason/Aria/Ezra triangle as Emily (Shay Mitchell) continued to be “A’s” favorite punching bag.

Aria (Lucy Hale) was officially terrified upon learning of Jason’s (Drew Van Acker) creepy dark room and set out to confront him about it. So what was his excuse? Well apparently he found the film in a box Ali was hiding under a floorboard and he was just developing it. Evidently he was going to frame the pictures and put them together as a nice little stalkerish gift for her. 

At first it was pretty easy to assume that Jason was lying about the photos but later when he brings Aria the box it seems he may be telling the truth. The box, we learn, really has nothing in it save for a doll and some bracelets and trinkets. 

Seeing Aria and Jason together, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) warns Ezra (Ian Harding) that Aria may be in danger.

Surprisingly, this warning along with Aria’s confession of her kiss with Jason actually leads Ezra to buck up and want to come clean about their relationship to everyone. Of course Mrs. Montgomery (Holly Marie Combs) makes some harsh comments about feeling betrayed when questioning Aria about Mr. Fitz’s possible love affair with a student (who she thinks is Spencer). This is sure to give her some reservations about providing full disclosure.

While Spence and Toby (Keegan Allen) are packing away Ian’s things before Melissa’s return they find his old yearbook. It appears Ian, Jason and Garret (Yani Gellman) were in a secret club called the “N.A.T” club in high school. Thanks to a conveniently placed shirt among his things we learn that “N.A.T” stands for “Nos Animadvertus Totus.” Although she got a 5 on her AP Latin exam Spencer amusingly needs her phone to translate this to “We see all.” With her continuous Nancy Drew type thoughts, she thinks this must somehow relate to Ian’s tendency to tape the girls of Rosewood while he was alive.

Overhearing Aria and Jason’s conversation earlier, Jenna (Tammin Sursok) heads to Spencer’s house to warn (or is it threaten?) her that their snooping is dangerous for both her and Toby.  However, Spencer’s digging is turning up something as the shady nature of the “N.A.T” club is confirmed to the audience when Garret shows up at Jason’s house making sure they’re still cool and telling him “I’m a cop now. It matters more than ever.”

For all intents and purposes, Emily might as well just paint a target on her back because “A” hasn’t taken his or her sights off of her for episodes now. Not only did she get a cereal bowl full of As and a creepy note about being the weakest link while at school but she also got massaged by “A” when trying to relax at the spa. Not surprisingly the girl is losing her cool. Just as she is about to seek help from Dr. Sullivan (Annabeth Gish), she gets another creepy text: “See how easy it is for me to get my hands around your neck.” It will be a miracle if this girl doesn’t end up in the hospital with five more ulcers by season’s end if this torture continues.

Meanwhile, Hanna’s plan to befriend her future stepsister, Kate backfires when she is accidently broadcast over a loudspeaker at the stables calling Kate’s friends bitches and her mom a skank after failing to impress the girls. When Hanna attempts to apologize on the phone later, Kate lays down the law. Just like the horse, she will train her to know her master.

As the girls get together to discuss what happened to Emily, the Liars and the audience are left to wonder...What if “A” isn’t just one person? What if it’s a group?

Some additional thoughts/observations:

  • Mrs. Montgomery wants Mike to start seeing a therapist.
  • The cliffhanger showed Dr. Sullivan apologizing to someone for keeping them waiting. Could this be “A?” If not, who do you think it is?!?
  • Did Ezra really not know that Spencer and the other girls knew about them dating? We’re not sure if this was disclosed before.

Quotes of the week:

  • “You know the Hastings Motto: Why enjoy today when you could be worrying about tomorrow?” – Spencer on why she didn’t attend the college fair
  • “You wouldn’t know a threat if it sat in your lap and made you a gin and tonic.” – Aria to Ezra
  • “But I’m going to pick out my college the same way I pick out my clothes…From a catalog.” – Hanna on why she isn’t at school
  • “What’s a nice way to say someone’s obsessive?” – Toby to Spencer on her constants suspicions about everything

According to the preview for the next new episode, the Liars will finally come clean to someone about “A” and Dr. Sullivan may know who “A” really is. Who do you think is the most likely candidate for “A”? What do you think the “N.A.T” club was really doing? Who do you want Aria to be with? Jason or Ezra? Let THR know in the comments below. 

“I Must Confess” airs Tuesday August 23rd on ABC Family at 8pm ET/PT. Make sure to check the Live Feed for the recap.