‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Jason and Aria’s Relationship 'Develops'

Season 2, Episode 9: Jason’s feelings for Aria are revealed as Emily continues to be ‘A’s favorite target; Caleb and Hanna share a moment.
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Tuesday’s episode “Picture This” put Aria into focus in more ways than one. Her lips. Her eyes. Her face. Her hands. Everything about her.

While we knew Jason DiLaurentis had the hots for her, we didn’t know  that his feelings were firmly residing in stalker territory. When Spencer and Emily broke into his blacked out shed during the episode, they found tons of pictures of her all over his dark room. Can we say creepy?

To make matters worse and the girls more disturbed, Jason’s shed also contained quite a bit of surveillance equipment. Now what he could need that for? Could it be to spy on all of the girls? We’re not sure yet but when the girls went back to the shed to steal some evidence to show Aria, the only thing left in the middle of the room was the flashlight they had dropped the first time. We also saw “A” developing a picture of them in the darkroom during the episodic cliffhanger. 

While these two Liars found out one of Jason’s biggest secrets, the target of his affections was busy having some intense dreams about him. Seems Aria was feeling mighty guilty about this as she appeared in Ezra’s office not once but twice for some seduction and a “gourmet supper from the finest vending machines in the building.” The girl will definitely need to be sucking up more in the future as she shared a kiss with Jason in the final moments of the episode.

“Ezria” isn’t the only relationship in trouble though. After being forced to give her number to one of Samara’s friends to keep her test results quiet, Emily’s relationship has gone kaput (for now). Poor Em, she can never catch a break. She appears to be the easiest target for “A” to attack and “A” keeps the punches rolling.

Hanna’s relationship meanwhile took a major step forward as she and Caleb said their first “I love yous.” Unfortunately, it was right before he left for the airport to get on a plane to California to meet his birth mom. As we suspected this mysterious man from “Save the Date” was a private investigator.

Some additional thoughts/observations:

  • Jenna is being tested for a prosthetic cornea transplant. If and when she regains her ability to see, what will that mean for the Liars? Also, weren’t the girls talking about her in pretty close proximity in the cafeteria…shouldn’t they be better at sneaking around?
  • What is the deal with Mike and when are we going to find out WHY he’s been breaking into houses/wanting a gun? He’s holed up in his room and barely answering questions. Things are looking a little worrisome especially to his parents.
  • The Caleb meets his mom storyline happened pretty quickly, eh? Here’s hoping he’ll be back soon.

Quotes of the week:

  • “So I was telling the patient in 212, I am not shaving that!” – Hanna pretending to be a candy striper by the morgue
  • “What are you, Jane Bond now?” – Emily to Spencer

The next episode “Touched by an ‘A’-ngel” airs Tuesday, August 16 at 8 pm on ABC Family. If you’re looking for spoilers on what’s to come in the final episodes leading up to the summer finale, head over to the Insider where they have an exclusive interview with creator Marlene King. Check The Live Feed next week for a recap of "Touched by an 'A'-ngel."

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