'Pretty Little Liars': Aria Gets Close With the Wrong Fitz

Pretty Little Liars What Becomes TV Still - H 2013

Pretty Little Liars What Becomes TV Still - H 2013

[Warning: Major spoilers from Tuesday's "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?"]

The action is ramping up on Pretty Little Liars.

Will Spencer (Troian Bellisario) finally get out of her funk? Will Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) come around to accepting his father? Does Ezra's brother have ulterior motives with Aria (Lucy Hale)? Who is "A" targeting next?

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The theme of Tuesday's installment was all about broken hearts and the way they have affected the Liars' decisions, some minor and some more serious. THR highlights the biggest storylines and developments from Tuesday's episode, "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?":

Spencer is "out of control": After being taken off the academic decathlon team, Spencer goes on a verbal rampage against Mona (Janel Parrish). Moments after she finds out she's off the team, she straight-up asks the former Radley patient, "Is there anything you want to take from me?" Decathlon member Andrew (the cute dorky guy in glasses) tries to smooth things over with Spencer, and she persuades them to play strip-trivia so she can earn her spot back onto the team. Things get heated ("You're out of control!") between the two before Emily (Shay Mitchell) comes in right in the nick of time. She's clearly worried about Spencer, who ever since discovering Toby's "A" secret, has been acting very un-Spencer-like.

Caleb's father confirmed: Hanna goes behind Caleb's back and visits Jamie (Bernard Curry), and she confirms that he's Caleb's biological father. She finds out that Jamie isn't all he's cracked up to be: He was at one point in jail (for petty theft, he said). Caleb's pissed off that Hanna (Ashley Benson) met with Jamie and storms off but starts to come around later, agreeing to meet with him. After it seems like he won't show up (Caleb isn't surprised), Jamie finally does. Whew. But Hanna realizes that Caleb's dad isn't what he seems, as per usual in Rosewood-Land, noticing that there are dice drawn on some bills in his wallet. Yet another mystery comes to the forefront ...

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Spencer and Wren go on the worst date ever: The good doctor is back! British guy Wren (Julian Morris) returns to Rosewood, at the request of Mona -- of all people -- and tries to put Spencer back on the right track. Instead, she asks him out on a "date." It's not successful, as they find themselves at the site of the academic decathlon match the night before, with Spencer confronting Mona. "Have you completely lost your mind?" Mona asks Spencer, but it's not until she asks, "Do you still have any friends, Spencer?" that Spencer breaks down and things get ugly.

Aria and #TheWrongFitz: Poor Ezra (Ian Harding). Things are getting interesting with Aria and the Fitz brothers after Cece (Vanessa Ray) hires Aria and Ezra's younger brother Wes (Gregg Sulkin) to assist her in a photography gig. Ever since Wes was brought back onto the show, it's been speculated that he may be moving in on Aria in a romantic sense, and Tuesday's episode confirmed that suspicion once Wes kissed her after she suggested he stay over for the night. What does this mean for Ezra?

Someone wants Jason dead: There was a reason being a N.A.T. Club member was bad news. After getting into a horrific accident and nearly dying (after Emily and Jason piece together Alison's Camp May mystery), Jason comes to grips with the scary fact that someone out there wants him gone. And that Camp May picture he was holding onto? Gone! This isn't good news, since it's the only physical evidence that confirms Det. Wilden and Alison were at Camp May together that same summer. And fancy that, Jason peaces out of the hospital. (This after Jason flashed back to a very interesting convo between Melissa and someone who he thought was Alison but turned out to be Cece.) Where did he go?

Notable quotables:

  • Wren: "We should catch up sometime."
    Melissa: "Yeah ... sure ..."
  • Spencer: "I was going to show Andrew my cupcakes!"
  • Spencer: "Oh, Andrew, I didn't recognize you in clothes."

What are your thoughts on Tuesday's episode?

Pretty Little Liars airs 8 p.m. Tuesdays on ABC Family.

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