'Pretty Little Liars': Has Sara Harvey's Injury Finally Been Revealed?

Star Janel Parrish may have revealed what happened to Sara in the dollhouse.
Eric McCandless/ABC Family
Pretty Little Liars season six is full of new mysteries, but one of them may have already been solved.
One of the show’s central storylines this season is Sara Harvey’s (Dre Davis) mysterious disability or injury following the events of the midseason finale. In the episode, when the Liars were trying to escape Charlotte's demented dollhouse, they found Sara with a bomb, ready to explode them all. Thankfully, Spencer was able to diffuse the bomb it in the nick of time, and Emily knocked Sara out before she could hold them hostage again.  
In the midseason premiere, Sara was seen being helped into Charlotte DiLaurentis’ funeral, clearly unable to function on her own. 
When The Hollywood Reporter spoke to showrunner I. Marlene King after the premiere, she hinted that in some ways, the “Sara thing” was like the “Jenna thing” — aka how the Liars were responsible for Jenna’s blindness. “Obviously she can see, but she is impaired in a way that they feel responsible for, and that will come out sooner than later in the next couple of episodes,” she teased.
Although King wouldn’t reveal Sara’s exact injuries, star Janel Parrish -- whose character Mona was part of the A-team that Sara also was a part of -- was much more candid when asked on Twitter. When a fan questioned Sara’s issues, the actress responded via Twitter Tuesday, “She got electrocuted when she stopped the bomb in the finale! She can’t use her hands.”
The tweet has since been deleted and Freeform would not comment on the authenticity of Parrish’s answer. There's also the matter of the season six midseason finale. When Emily (Shay Mitchell) punched Sara, there were no signs of burns, but considering how fast the Liars ran out of the dollhouse afterward, they may not have found out until much later.  
Based on King’s other tease about the incident, Parrish's tweet appears to line up.
“If you go back and really listen to the second-to-last scene, the goodbye scene in the summer finale, Emily says, ‘I hear they’re letting Sara out of the hospital’ and you can tell she feels guilty,” she told THR. “Someone says, ‘It wasn’t our fault.’ It was something that happened before those girls left the house.”
Pretty Little Liars airs on Freeform on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. What do you think happened to Sara?