'Pretty Little Liars' EP on Emily and Alison's Romance, Mona's Remains

Pretty Little Liars Over a Barrel - H 2015
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Pretty Little Liars Over a Barrel - H 2015

Mona's (Janel Parrish) remains are still M.I.A. on Pretty Little Liars, but that's about to change.

Executive producer Joseph Dougherty tells The Hollywood Reporter that answers are on the way in the mystery of Mona's death, as her body is soon to be discovered.

Dougherty also discussed Detective Holbrook's (Sean Faris) big return, what to expect after the show reveals the identity of "A" and whether love is in the cards for Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and newly single Emily (Shay Mitchell).

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There is quite a bit of mystery surrounding Holbrook's whereabouts. What kind of role does he play in the rest of the season?

He certainly appears to be a force operating in the shadows over the next couple episodes, and then he makes a substantial and dramatic [physical] return about halfway through the season. 

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We've seen that Aria (Lucy Hale) is suspicious of "A" having tampered with her college applications. How does this play out?

It's part of the fact that, basically, one of the things we really we needed to pay attention to was that high school's almost over. The Oberlin question and some of the questions that are going to come up, all the stories have to do with, where are they going, assuming they'll be able to go somewhere. Oddly enough, Rosewood High will end. We have an actual plan on how to do this [for season six].

How soon will fans have to wait for Mona's body to be found and her killer to be revealed?

[The body being found] should happen quite soon. [As for the killer,] that's going to be a season-long question, but we do have answers in store.

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What's next for Emily and Alison's relationship?

Emily really doesn't know who the girl was who she had the crush on. Emily is least like the girl Ali left behind. She's changed the most, but there's still a lot of nostalgia there. We shall see. 

[PLL showrunner] Marlene [King] has said that "A" will be revealed prior to season seven. What will be the focus of the series after that happens? 

[Marlene's] desire right now is to not run the concept of "A" all the way to the end of the series. She thinks, if we do something like that, it will be kind of a thin soup. She wants to make sure the questions are answered in a very effective way, and as usually the case with questions when they're answered, they produce new questions. We feel that we've got to satisfy our rather loyal fanbase, and hopefully we can do that and then have them want a little bit more. There are mysteries inside of mysteries, but we want to make sure everybody's satisfied at the end of the day, including ourselves. It isn't going to be Gilligan's Island — we won't leave them on the island. 

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