'Pretty Little Liars': Shay Mitchell on Emily's Mission to Clear Toby's Name (Video)

Will Emily persuade Spencer that Toby isn't all bad?

Following Spencer's "A" discovery on Pretty Little Liars, that might be a tall order. As actress Shay Mitchell tells it, Emily's main goal is to show her friend that there could be light at the end of the tunnel.

"She's extremely determined to change Spencer's mind about the whole Toby thing," Mitchell tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I think because this almost feels like this is the second time around that she's having to defend Toby and be like 'No guys, he's a good guy.' "

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Over the course of three seasons, Emily and Toby have struck up an invaluable friendship. "She developed a really close relationship to him," Mitchell says, which now puts Emily in an unenviable position: being there for Spencer or proving there's more to Toby's story.

"She sees Spencer's decline into this crazy world and she wants to be there, but I think Emily's on the fence," she adds.

As Emily embarks on this journey -- to prove Spencer wrong -- Mitchell reveals that Emily finds things along the way that prove "Toby is the farthest thing from "A" … but at the same time, she's finding out different things that could possibly lead to him being "A" or at least involved in the "A" team.

She adds: "It's confusing for her right now. I'm calling her Sherlock Fields."

Pretty Little Liars airs at 8 p.m. Tuesdays on ABC Family.

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