'Pretty Little Liars': Shay Mitchell Previews 'Insane,' 'Jam-Packed' Season 3 Finale

Pretty Little Liars is gearing up for a jam-packed season closer.

"The season finale is going to be absolutely insane," actress Shay Mitchell tells The Hollywood Reporter. For one thing, filming on the final day of season three last year took a whopping 22 hours.

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As Mitchell tells it, the finale "is probably one of the most jam-packed episodes we've had all season."

Expect several questions to be answered in Tuesday's season closer, the actress hints, "and we could possibly find out who Red Coat is .. maybe." (Executive producer Oliver Goldstick recently told THR that viewers may have a better idea of the identity of the Red Coat after the finale.)

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"We do go out with a bang in a lot of our season finales, no pun intended," Mitchell says with a laugh. "A lot of questions get answered, and for that to happen, there has to be a lot of things that happen that are shocking, so you will be very surprised."

Mitchell shared that production on the fourth season is in the midst of getting under way, and they had their first table read for the premiere episode on Wednesday. "I always say I'm giving birth to season four because it's nine months of shooting," Mitchell says, laughing.

Pretty Little Liars wraps up season three at 9 p.m. Tuesday on ABC Family.

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