'Pretty Little Liars': Tammin Sursok on Jenna's Attack and What's Next

The actress promises that Jenna's next appearance "won't be too far off."
Eric McCandless/ABC Family
"Pretty Little Liars"

Things are getting nuttier in Rosewood.

In last week's Pretty Little Liars episode, "Into the Deep," the Liars' frequent nemesis Jenna (Tammin Sursok) was found face down in a lake. But that wasn't all. After Jenna's lifeless body was retrieved from the water, a nasty head injury added another layer of speculation -- with Jenna managing to survive the near-death drowning.

In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Sursok -- who announced her pregnancy in June -- discusses the episode's shocking moment, what viewers can expect from Jenna and her next appearance.

The Hollywood Reporter: What was the moment from last week's episode that prompted the most viewer reaction?

Tammin Sursok: People were very shocked when they found Jenna in the water. I do want to reiterate that Jenna is unconscious, she is not dead, so the fans don't need to worry too much. But obviously it propels the story to find out who is "A" and who's scaring the Liars.

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THR: How did she manage to survive the near-death drowning?

Sursok: When you drown, sometimes they give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and there could be water in the lungs. By the time [you come to], who knows. That could be brain damage, there are things you could potentially have problems with later on in your life if you woke up from a coma. She was under water for quite a bit but who knows how long that time is.

THR: When Jenna does wake up, how likely are the chances that she'll be in a completely different state?

Sursok: You'll have to keep watching! Definitely something happens and we're looking at shooting some of those episodes coming up, so you never know what's going to happen. 

THR: Whenever Jenna comes into Rosewood, bad things aren't far behind. What was it like coming back into the fray after several weeks away?

Sursok: A lot of characters come in just to settle a lot of things in Rosewood and than we leave again and then we come in. That's kind of our role and our job. Every time you know you're in a script, you know you're not going to be doing something that's too good [and it'll be] something that'll disrupt the people who live there. 

THR: What has been the craziest theory that you've heard in regards to Jenna?

Sursok: Most of them haven't been too crazy. Most of them have been that Jenna is definitely "A." Then a lot of people say, "Well that would be too obvious," because my character does come in as quite evil. I think that was more so when I was trying to trick the Liars, people thought that was a theory. The theories always change and the theories are always about who's "A."

THR: What can we expect from Jenna in the future?

Sursok: She has some problems with her vision right now so does she really have problems with her vision or is she playing it to get more information? I think she has a little bit more vengeance now that someone tried to kill her. If she was evil before, I would say she's definitely going to turn up the volume a little bit.

THR: When will we next see Jenna?

Sursok: It won't be too far off, let's put it that way.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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