'Pretty Little Liars': Tyler Blackburn and Drew Van Acker on Discovering 'A,' Dream Storylines (Video)

With the reveal of "A" looming on Pretty Little Liars, actors Tyler Blackburn and Drew Van Acker admitted that they weren't 100 percent sure who the culprit was either.

Theories ranged from a guy or a girl to multiple people or one person, but when the time came for the person to come into limelight, "I just remember it like an adrenaline rush," Blackburn told The Hollywood Reporter in the THR cover lounge.

But the reveal won't be the cherry on top. Another mystery will be unveiled.

"It definitely doesn't just end there [with the 'A' reveal]," Blackburn reassured. "There is another mystery that is revealed but it's very vague. It sets up the third season pretty well."

Pretty Little Liars is all about Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna, but when asked about storylines that they'd want to see on the small screen, Blackburn and Van Acker didn't hold back.

"I want Caleb and Jason to fight one day," proposed Van Acker, who also wanted viewers' perceptions of his character to change. "Just get into a knockout, an all-out brawl."

Blackburn joked: "He has some aggression."

When Jason and Aria shared a surprising kiss last summer, Van Acker was almost certain his character would be going at it with Ian Harding's Ezra, arguably Aria's true love (and former teacher).

"We thought Ian and I were going to have to go at it at one point," Van Acker said, before Blackburn interjected: "That wouldn't be a very good fight. Ian would probably just throw a book at you."

Pretty Little Liars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.