'Pretty Little Liars' EP on 'A': 'I Think You Might Know This Person'

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick tells THR that the identity of the series’ pot-stirrer is someone viewers will already "be familiar with."
ABC Family
"Pretty Little Liars"

Who is "A"?

When asked if the identity of the omnipresent pot-stirrer would be revealed this season on the ABC Family drama, executive producer Oliver Goldstick didn’t give much away — but enough to whet fans' appetites.

“I think we come very close,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We’ll come very, very close.”

And for those afraid that the mastermind was someone viewers hadn’t yet met, rest easy. Goldstick put those worries to bed — sort of.

“I think you might know this person,” he coyly answered. “You’ll be familiar with this person.”

Developer Marlene King said that while the identity of "A" was well-established at the start of the series, the writers have not informed the cast members of who it is.

Goldstick understands the chaos that sometimes surrounds the secrecy of the series.

“I have two 16-year-old babysitters watching my kids right now and I think they only babysit for me — they’re going through my drawer probably as we speak — they are so intent on finding out the secrets of the show,” he says with a laugh. “I don’t lock my home office but I’m sure they’re in it right now downloading Pretty Little Liars.”

Now, “familiar” may be a loosely-used term; Goldstick would not divulge any more information about “A” and understandably so, it’s the basis of the entire series (and the Sara Shepard novels, for that matter).

Who do you think is the culprit? Could it be the same person (no spoiler alert here) in the first Shepard books?

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