Trailer Watch: 'Catastrophe' Promises Heartbreak and Honesty in Final Season

Catastrophe - Season 4-  Rob Delaney, Sharon Horgan- Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Welcome to Trailer Watch, a regular feature that helps put the spotlight on series that may fly under the radar in the crowded Peak TV landscape. Each installment of Trailer Watch will explain what the show is and why it looks interesting. This week it's the final season of Amazon's bleakly real comedy about love and family, Catastrophe.

Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan's Emmy-nominated comedy Catastrophe, about the unexpected and life-changing ramifications of a six-day love affair, has been charming and surprising audiences since it debuted 2015. Now it's headed to Amazon for its last season, which will offer up more of the bleak humor, relatable awkwardness and brutal realism that have made it a cult hit. The formidable writing team also stars in the show, which focuses on an Irish school teacher (Horgan) and American ad exec (Delaney) who have a brief fling while the latter is on a business trip, only to end up with a baby on the way and a whole new life staring them in the face.

It feels like a rare thing to see an honest and often negative view on parenthood, but Delaney and Horgan managed to craft just that with Catastrophe, so far dealing with everything from cervical dysplasia to alcoholism, marriage and suicide while still managing to be funny.

In 2016, the pair won a BAFTA Award for the show's writing, and they were also nominated for a Peabody Award. Originally airing on the U.K.'s Channel 4, the British show gained a wider following due to the fact that the first three seasons also starred Carrie Fisher as Rob's acerbic mother Mia. The series would come to be the last thing that Fisher ever filmed, with the finale of season three dedicated to her.

Season four looks to continue the tradition of bleak yet relatable hilarity as Rob recuperates after his accident at the end of season three. His life now consists of AA, community service in a local thrift store and a snazzy-looking neck brace. Rob and Sharon are also dealing with the loss of Rob's mother, but despite all of that, the trailer reminds audiences that things can still be beautiful, funny and tender, even in the face of depressive episodes, substance abuse and massive loss. There's also a brief first look at new cast member Michaela Watkins (Casual) as Rob's sister Sydney.

The final season of Catastrophe will be back on screens on March 15. Amazon will likely be hoping that Catastrophe's cult status spreads with its return, and that might just happen, because honest, authentic and kind shows like this seem more relevant than ever in 2019.