TV Trailer Watch: 'On My Block' Season 2 Promises More Authentic Teen Drama

On My Block Season 2 - Jason Genao, Jessica Marie Garcia - Netflix Publicity- H 2019
Courtesy of Nicola Goode/Netflix

Welcome to Trailer Watch, a regular feature that helps put the spotlight on series that may fly under the radar in the crowded Peak TV landscape. Each installment of Trailer Watch will explain what the show is and why it looks interesting. This week it's the return of Netflix's coming-of-age drama On My Block.

In the wake of the controversial cancellation of One Day at a Time, it seems like the perfect moment to highlight another underwatched but much-loved Netflix series: On My Block, from Lauren Iungerich (Awkward), Eddie Gonzalez (Empire) and Jeremy Haft (Empire), which just like the canceled show offers up an inclusive and authentic alternative to the hyper-stylized teen-show trend.

The season two trailer quickly establishes the same mix of humor and realism which made the first season a standout for the streamer and reintroduces audiences to the core cast of Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Monse (Sierra Capri), Ruby (Jason Genao) and Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia). On My Block follows the kids as they try and survive the trials and tribulations of high school in Los Angeles and everything that goes with it.

A notable absence here is Ronnie Hawk's Olivia — who was shot at her own quinceanera during the finale of the last season in a devastating cliffhanger — which leaves her fate open, though Ruby, whose fate was also hanging in the balance, does seem to be alive and well. A gang-related shooting may sound like a bleak space for a teen show to venture into, but that is actually one of On My Block's biggest strengths.

Whereas the Riverdales of the world traffic in sexy adults/teens and unbelievable violence, the Netflix series manages to weave the dangers and realities of crime and economic imbalance into the day-to-day life of the young cast without ever falling into the trope of presenting those topics like a public service announcement.

That's not to say it's all doom and gloom in the world of On My Block, though, as the trademark humor, sweetness and sense of adventure shines through in the trailer. Based on the real-life adolescent experiences of writer Gonzalez, there's a freedom to the world of On My Block and an awareness of how teenage life can shift in an instant.

From the ramifications of discovering a treasure trove of cash thought to be a local urban legend to working out how to navigate the everyday mundanities of crushes, classes and friendship, On My Block season two looks to expand on the unique and relatable tone that the first season established.

Season two arrives Friday on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.