'Prison Break' spinoff update

TCA -- Fox's long-rumored "Prison Break" spinoff might be less like "Private Practice" and more like "CSI: Miami."

Executive producer Matt Olmstead and co-executive producer Zack Estrin and say they've ditched their previous plan to introduce a female character in the regular series and then spin her off into a separate show. Instead, they're planning an entirely new series under the "Prison Break" brand.

"We had trouble casting for it ... then the strike happened," Olmstead says. "By the time we resumed the season we decided let's scrap that idea of doing it that way. We're in the home stretch of writing it."

"This is more like a 'CSI: NY' -- more of a brand spinoff than a character spinoff," Estrin added.

The working title remains "Cherry Hill" (possibly "Prison Break: Cherry Hill"), and it's still set in a women's prison. If the show is greenlighted, the producers hope the spinoff will pick up in the "Prison Break" time period so the shows don't air at the same time.