'Private Practice' Cast Shares Their Dream Endings for the Series Finale

Private Practice Series Finale Wedding - H 2013

Private Practice Series Finale Wedding - H 2013

ABC's Private Practice will cap its six-season run Tuesday with a finale that will feature Addison Montgomery getting her dream ending when she (finally!) ties the knot and begins the fairy tale family she envisioned since the character's days on Grey's Anatomy.

After an abbreviated season of stand-alone episodes revolving around specific characters, The Hollywood Reporter hit the Hollywood set of the Shonda Rhimes drama during its final days to check in with the cast as the series prepared to tell one final story about the doctors of Seaside Wellness. Here's a preview of how the cast envisions their character's storyline wrapping, the keepsakes from the set that they had their sights set on and a wish list of what current TV series they'd each like to turn to next.

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Kate Walsh (Addison)
Dream ending: THR reported in December that the final episode would indeed feature Addision and Jake's wedding, thus delivering the character's biggest dream -- having a loving husband and children. "It felt very dreamy and symbolic. Addison is being sent off into this new life and all the characters are being sent into their world to do what's next," Walsh tells THR. While we know the duo will tie the knot, the actress who has played the character since her inception on Grey's Anatomy says there will be some surprises in the episode. "There are surprises all the way around. I really believe that the fans are going to be hugely satisfied with this ending. It's the first time that Shonda has ended one of her shows, so it's a big thing to do to wrap up everyone's storyline. There are some really juicy surprises in the end that I know people won't see coming."
Keepsake: "The most important thing I got from that show were my relationships with everyone. I wasn't concerned with taking something that said 'Addison'. I have so many things that say 'Addison' from over the years, so I took tons of pictures and we have a yearbook that we made and put in the crew gift bag with our own personal pictures of all the cast and crew," Walsh says. "Those are the most important things: the people."
Next show: Walsh is developing a semi-autobiographical comedy for NBC with boyfriend Chris Case that's awaiting word on its fate.

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Benjamin Bratt (Jake)
Dream ending:
"My dream ending for Jake is he and Addison get married in Fiji, and that we actually fly to Fiji as an ensemble and crew and shoot on location. Whether that happens or not is up to Shonda!" he says.
Keepsake: "When Jake moved into Addison's home, he brought with him his one treasured item, which was a high-end espresso machine. I've already put in my request: I want Jake's espresso machine! I want it to now live in the Benjamin Bratt household!" he says with a laugh.
Next show: "I've been on Modern Family twice as Sofia's ne'er-do-well ex-husband. Though I'm not waiting for the phone to ring, I certainly wouldn't mind if it woke me up at 5 a.m. saying, 'We've got another gig for you,'" Bratt says. [Editor's note: Bratt's phone did indeed ring and he'll return to the ABC comedy later this season.]

Taye Diggs (Sam)
Dream ending: "I want to see him happy and for him to be with someone who he loves that loves him as well. He deserves to be with someone who is right for him," Diggs says after a season that started with Addison picking Jake.
Keepsake: "The suits, the ties and tie clips! I'm going to try and buy a couple but I want them all! I'm going to try and steal them!" the always well-dressed Diggs says with his signature smile.
Next show: "I love New Girl. I'd play Winston's zany brother!" says Diggs, noting he's interested in exploring comedy next.

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KaDee Strickland (Charlotte)
Dream ending: "She's getting my dream ending. The last time you see Charlotte Cooper, it's quite lovely what we're doing," she said with a cryptic laugh. "It's actually the last scene I film on the show and very appropriate."
Keepsake: "I'm taking my sheriff's badge -- my Seaside Wellness ID. I love that I have Charlotte King's ID. There's a little box that I've got for things that I've kept over the years, but that ID badge is a perfect moniker more than anything else.
Next show: "Breaking Bad, I would literally work at a checkout counter in the background and not care one iota," the avid fan said.

Paul Adelstein (Cooper)
Dream ending: "I'd like the audience to get the sense that they're going to continue moving forward," he says. "Some shows end with a finality, and I think our show will end with viewers knowing that the practice is going on and these characters are continuing along the somewhat bumpy but same path they've been on."
Keepsake: "I'm going to ask them for the panel that says Dr. Cooper Friedman on it," he says.
Next show: "I'd love to be on Nurse Jackie, Mad Men, The Simpsons or Breaking Bad," the musician-actor says.  

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Amy Brenneman (Violet)
Dream ending: "I really want to see her run off with [British actress and Without a Trace star] Marianne Jean-Baptiste," she says with a laugh. "As most of the characters were being paired up, I did say to Shonda, 'Let's give the dignity of singleness.' For Violet, that means being comfortable with a certain eccentricity on her part. The season finale does have a generosity of spirit, and they all feel really connected in the end."
Keepsake: "A bunch of stuff from Violet's office. I love her style and wanted her table and the set decorator said Grey's Anatomy might take it! It's my office!" she says. "There's a beautiful painted armor and the coffee table. I did this after Judging Amy, too, and you take a set piece you've lived in for so many years that you can imagine all the scenes you've had around it; there's so much life in it."
Next show: "I could be the weird morphine addict showgirl on Downtown Abbey -- some weird American cousin who wreaks havoc," Brenneman says with a smile. "I'd love to be on that show, but you'd have to write to me. I want to go dark but wear a really slutty-good hat!"

Caterina Scorsone (Amelia)
Dream ending: "I think Amelia has had her fair share of pathos and tragedy, so moving forward, she gets to have a sweet, juicy love story," she tells THR. "That was the right way to end the show for Amelia. She's had so much heartache that she finally gets to have a little fun in the love department."
Keepsake: "Most of Amelia's props are dangerous medical instruments! I could keep my badge, but other than that it's all scalpels and rubber babies! A keepsake rubber baby! Who doesn't want that in their guest room!" the actress says.
Next show: "HBO's The Newsroom. I have an actor crush on Alison Pill, and I just want to be in a scene with her," the news junkie says.

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Audra McDonald (Naomi)
Dream ending: In an example of perfect timing, McDonald's Broadway show ended just in time for the actress to reprise her role as Naomi, Sam's ex-wife, and attend her best friend's (Addison) wedding. "Who knows what's going to happen!" she says when asked if there will still be sparks between Naomi and Sam. "I just like the idea of how she's coming out to California for Addison's wedding after all this time of being away."
Keepsake: "I have Naomi's wedding ring from the last time I left and one frame that she had in her office that I took," McDonald says. "This time, there's something in the front lobby of Seaside Wellness that I have my eye on."
Next show: The theater vet will head to CBS' The Good Wife next to play Alicia's nemesis.

The series finale of Private Practice airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on ABC. Hit the comments with your thoughts and check back to THR's The Live Feed for more with the cast after the episode airs.

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