Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rebel Wilson Strike Model Poses on 'Late Late Show'

The Late Late Show with James Corden - Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Publicity-h 2019
Terence Patrick/CBS

The female stars of Todd Strauss-Schulson's comedy Isn't It Romantic — Rebel Wilson and newly married Priyanka Chopra Jonas — dropped by The Late Late Show to chat about the film with host James Corden Tuesday night.

Isn't It Romantic follows Wilson as a New York City architect who becomes trapped inside a romantic comedy, with all of the familiar genre tropes thrown in.

Corden teased his guests' appearance by tweeting a photo of himself with Wilson and Chopra Jonas doing "hot model poses" on the interview couch. 

During the appearance, Chopra Jonas explained how she accidentally got her start in pageants.

She said that she moved back to India from America when she was 17 years old and her brother was 10.

"Unfortunately there was just one room my brother was in ... He was kicked out because I was a teenager and I was a girl and I needed a room," she said. "Just to pacify him, they put him in a hallway with a little bed and pretended like, 'Oh my God, you have a full, open room.'"

She said that her brother "schemed" to get her out of the house. "I had taken some of these photographs. I was actually in a picture for a scholarship program for some university in Australia I remember I was applying to and the photographer was like, 'Oh, can I take some more pictures?' And my teenage vanity was like, 'Of course. Sure,'" she recalled.

She compared the photos to "mall shots" that featured her hand on her face. "My brother saw those pictures and he goes up to my mother. There was a beauty pageant called Miss India, which happened, which was advertised in this magazine," she said.

Chopra Jonas said that her brother used the photo to persuade their mother to let her move to Mumbai to compete in the pageant.

"My mom was like, 'Let me just send it in.' And ... I got called in and actually he got the room back, so the scheme worked," she said.

Describing her character in the film, Wilson called her "cynical and closed off to love." Corden asked the actor about her experience as a producer on the project, to which Wilson replied with a joke about "perks" before answering seriously. "I got to cast a lot of great people like Priyanka," she said. 

Her co-star jumped in with a note about female empowerment. "She was on set all the time, involved in everything. It's awesome to see a woman take charge of her own destiny." On The Hustle, a remake of 1988's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which releases May 10, Wilson also serves as producer. In television, Wilson's producing credits include the half-hour comedy Super Fun Night.

Wilson added that while she has appeared in many successful comedies, she hoped to branch out into more dramatic roles.

"The last time I auditioned for a drama, maybe, it didn't go so good," she revealed. "I had to cry in the audition scene, so I'm like, 'I know what makes me cry a lot. Onions.' So I got an onion and I peeled it in the car before going in and chopped it, put it in my handbag."

When it came to the crying scene, Wilson said that she had to subtly smell the onion. "It wasn't working and then I swear the casting director was like, 'What's she doing?'" she said. "In a panic, I rub the onion and get the onion juice and put it in my eyes and then turn around and do the scene."

"I'm sure they could guess something was up because I was acting like I'd been sprayed in the face with mace," she said before she revealed that she didn't book the role.

Wilson and Corden also admitted that it was "weird" talking to her Cats co-star Corden as a human being. "Last week, if you saw us together, we were doing a lot of this," she said before two cuddled together and purred.

While they did not disclose much information about the upcoming film, Wilson shared that she and Corden recently filmed a scene with Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen.

Chopra Jonas also touched on her recent wedding ceremonies to husband Nick Jonas.

Corden admitted that he felt like he "kept hearing" about the weddings and thought she had "19 ceremonies or something."

"That's an exaggeration. Just about 32," she joked. She clarified that they had two ceremonies — one Western Christian wedding and one Hindu wedding — and pre-rituals.

"Indian pre-rituals can go on for five days. Mine just was two," she said. "I was conservative."

Wilson joked, "When I have Indian food, the ritual can last for five days."

Chopra Jonas and Wilson also joined Corden in a game of "Flinch." During the game, each player was instructed to stand behind a glass wall while food was thrown at them. The catch was that they had to hold an ice cold Martini. The player that spilled the least amount of their drink would be declared the winner.

"I'm already spilling," Chopra Jonas said about her drink before the game began.

After Chopra Jonas successfully made it through her round, Wilson nervously made her way to the glass and declared that she was scared. "The anticipating is killing me," she said before Corden shot the food at her.

The game concluded with Corden behind the glass. The host remained calm despite the fact that two pieces of fruit were sent flying in his direction. He took a few sips of his Martini before joining the guests at the other end of the stage.

Toward the end of their interview, the actors played card games with musician Justin Flom. 

The World's Best competitor asked Wilson to choose a number before he did his first card trick for Corden. Flom tore the edge of the card, which then disappeared. He soon revealed that the missing piece was inside the host's jacket.

Flom pulled out his wallet and phone for the next trick. He instructed Chopra Jonas to deal the cards and frequently shuffle them as he took a video of the audience and guests. After he randomly selected a card from the pile that Chopra Jonas shuffled, he played back the video to show that the card appeared in his wallet.

He recruited the entire audience for the final trick. After everyone was given four cards, Flom instructed them to tear their cards down the middle and to stack them in a pile. They then took the top three cards and buried them in the middle of the pile. Everyone then took the top card and put it off to the side. After they shuffled, traded and eliminated their cards, each player was left with the other half of the card they set aside earlier in the game.