'Psych' Asks Fans to Create Season 7 Tagline

Psych Dule Hill James Roday - H 2012

Psych Dule Hill James Roday - H 2012

Ahead of Psych's return in February and in an effort to increase engagement, USA Network is tasking viewers to be a part of the seventh season's marketing campaign by having them create a new tagline, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Through what the cable network is calling the "Psych Tag iiiit" app (see graphic below), viewers are able to insert their own taglines on the official poster, share their contribution in the Psych gallery and vote for their favorites. The final day for submissions is Dec. 23.

Submissions will be whittled down to seven of the best entries, with voting taking place from Dec. 31 through Jan. 4, 2013. The one receiving the most votes will be announced in January.

Taglines for previous seasons have included “To Predict and Serve,” “Solving Crime is a Serious Business, Sort Of,” and from season one, “Fake Psychic, Real Detectives.”

This isn't the first time USA has engaged in a significant way with loyal viewers of its shows through a digital platform. In 2011, it successfully launched Psych's #HashTagKiller mystery and two weeks prior to the return of White Collar this past January, introduced a similar initiative tied to the show's content.

Psych returns Feb. 27 at 10 p.m.

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