'Psych' Reunion Movie: Jimmi Simpson Sets Return, Creator Teases Sequels

PSYCH S03E10 Still - Publicity - H 2017
Alan Zenuk/USA Network

The cast of Psych made a triumphant return to Comic-Con Friday to tease the upcoming reunion movie.

As in years past, the Psych team took over Ballroom 20 for a fun-filled hour that included a sing-along, a brand new video made especially for Comic-Con and some very special guests.

Among them was moderator Jimmi Simpson, aka Mary Lightly, who announced during the panel that he will be reprising Mary in the upcoming movie, for what he estimated will be his third posthumous appearance in the series since his character was killed off.

"You've now appeared more on this show dead than you did alive," star James Roday joked.

"Ed Harris passed," quipped Simpon in reference to his Westworld character.

Simpson joins previously announced guest stars including Zachary Levi, Jazmyn Simon, Ralph Macchio and WWE star Charlotte Flair. 

Picking up three years after the series finale, Psych: The Movie follows the ambitious friends — along with some returning fan-favorite characters — when they come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own. A comedic thrill ride ensues as the wild and unpredictable Psych team pursues the bad guys, justice … and food! The movie will trade Santa Barbara for the gang's new hometown of San Francisco.

Also in attendance at the panel were stars Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson and Corbin Bernson, as well as creator Steve Franks and executive producers Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak. (Sadly, Timothy Omundson was unable to attend but the cast filmed the crowd loudly yelling "Suck it, Tim!" for a video to send to him.)

After opening the panel with a video showing Roday and Hill (in character as Shawn and Gus, natch) getting back into Psych shape — met with huge applause and cheers from the crowd — the team got right into the nitty gritty of where their characters are now.

"Gus is thriving," Hill told the crowd. "He's enjoying his life up there. ... He's growing a beard."

As for Shawn, "You guys might be surprised to know that Shawn has taken a few steps forward. Not emotionally — he physically took a couple steps over the last three years, and he's feeling pretty good about it," Roday said. "He's still working cases, sometimes cases that Gus doesn’t know about. He's still got a crush, a hard crush on Juliette. I think it's evolved from a schoolboy crush to a hard man crush."

As for Shawn's dad, Bernson teased that viewers will meet "Henry 2.0" in the movie. It's "a very modified Henry," he said.

"These characters grew, these characters have new complexities," Nelson added. "It's kind of launching us forward."

Franks also teased more musical moments in the two-hour movie, following season seven's special Psych: The Musical. "I will say that more than one person on this panel might do a little singing in that movie," Franks said.

In addition to those somewhat vague spoilers, those in attendance got a very special treat: A first look at the opening eight minutes of the movie, which saw Shawn in a very surprising getup and Gus in a new gig.

The special premiere was especially fitting for Franks, who recalled getting a call from Universal Cable Productions president and NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment chief content officer Jeff Wachtel exactly one year (and nine days ago) to make a Psych reunion movie.

"I have to say it’s the best experience I've had in my professional life with this group of people," said Franks, who co-wrote the movie with Roday and also directed the movie.

Roday specifically praised the show's continuing loyal Psych-O fan base — many of whom came to the panel wearing their Psych T-shirts given out at Comic-Cons past. "It's a real blessing to be able to give something back," he said.

If Franks gets his way, this is only the beginning of Psych's revival. Said Franks, "I don't want to make one movie. I want to make six Psych movies."

The panel ended with a rousing group sing-along to the show's theme song.

Watch the special Psych Comic-Con video below: