'Psych' Slumber Party: Shawn and Gus Dream of Pluto and Quitting? (Exclusive Video)

Psych-Os, get ready for an all-night slumber party with your favorite fake psychics.

To prep viewers for the six-hour, seven-episode marathon fest that USA Network has dubbed the Psych Slumber Party, The Hollywood Reporter has the first look at one of eight skits put on by stars James Roday, Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson and Tim Omundson that will debut late Friday.

Titled "Sweet Dreams," the minute-long interstitial features the foursome dreaming of their perfect scenarios. For Shawn (Roday), it's a plate filled with pancakes. For Gus (Hill), it's Pluto becoming a planet again. For Juliet (Lawson), it's a quiet night in with Shawn. For a bearded Lassie (Omundson), it's Shawn and Gus quitting their Psych business. Can you imagine?!

Other themed skits that will be shown during the Slumber Party, which ends at 6 a.m. Saturday, include a spoof of Brief Encounters of the Third Kind, prank calls and a sleeping bag race.

Creator Steve Franks picked 20 of his favorite episodes for marathon consideration, with viewers in January voting for the top seven, which will be unveiled during the Slumber Party.

There will be a heavy social TV component to the marathon. Planned integrations include: an on-air social ticker, which will pull tweets with the #PsychSlumberParty hashtag for inclusion on TV during the marathon; viewers who upload 15-second "touts" with the hashtag may see their select messages during each episode; a pineapple word hunt to win a Psych set visit; prank calls from Roday and Hill; and USA's Psychville online hub.

If a seven-episode TV marathon isn't enough, there is a 20-episode marathon on VOD hosted by Roday and Hill, which include their favorite episodes.

On Valentine's Day, USA announced an interactive mystery, The S#cial Sector, launching Friday. This comes on the heels of Psych's successful (and Emmy-nominated) HashTag Killer initiative.

The Psych Slumber Party begins midnight Friday. Psych premieres season seven at 10 p.m. Feb. 27 on USA.

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