Puppies Take Over 'Conan' on a Tiny Puppy Stage (Video)

Puppy Conan - H 2013

Puppy Conan - H 2013

Last week, fans occupied Conan. This week, it's puppies that took over.

With Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl proving a massive hit, Conan O'Brien and his staff decided to jump aboard the doggie zeitgeist for their own guaranteed viral video smash (this post, of course, is an example). Little white puppies, still more fuzz than fur, presided over a tiny replica set, mimicking the show with precision.

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There was puppy Conan, with a flip of red hair; puppy La Bamba, who wore a trombone slung across his back; blond puppy Andy Richter; and puppy Ke$ha, who left a trail of glitter in her wake.

No show, of course, would be complete without the network executives hanging out in a suite above, and so the puppies with comb-overs were wheeled in, lounging on a miniature couch as they waited for the ratings from doghouses around the nation.