'Queer Eye' Stars Make Over 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez

Jimmy Kimmel Live!-Queer Eye-Publicity-H 2019
ABC/Randy Holmes

The men of Netflix's Queer Eye gave a makeover to Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s Guillermo Rodriguez on Monday's episode of the late-night show.

Kimmel explained that since the makeover team were set to appear as guests on the show, he asked if they could help him with "a little project."

The show then cut to a prerecorded clip of the host telling Queer Eye team members Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Jonathn Van Ness about the "national emergency" that Rodriguez is. Bobby Berk, the fifth member of the makeover team, did not appear on the show.

"We can definitely change Guillermo by the end of this," Brown confidently said before Rodriguez entered the room in an Ed Hardy shirt. Porowski noted in an interview that he wasn't sure if the brand still exists.

After Kimmel left the room, Van Ness suggested that the men do a chant that he learned during his time as a high school cheerleader to help Rodriguez build up his confidence.  

"Hey Guillermo, how do you feel?" the four men chanted. Rodriguez responded, "I feel so good!"

France first took Rodriguez aside to discuss his fashion choices. He noted that the Ed Hardy shirt was little much. "The jeans are terrifying and the shoes, the shoes need to go so badly," France said in a private interview. He explained that he planned to tone down Rodriguez's style and dressed him in a more flattering ensemble.

Brown next took Rodriguez under his wing to discuss his confidence. After Brown noted that he sensed a lack of confidence from Rodriguez, he pulled out a framed photo of a Chihuahua. An emotional Rodriguez said that the photo was "sweet" and "nice."

"My goal for Guillermo is to help him understand that he can become confident and he can feel good about himself," said Brown in an interview before the camera cut to the two men hugging. Following the emotional hug, Brown encouraged Rodriguez to love himself as much as he loves the Chihuahua.

Rodriguez then joined Porowski at the craft services table to help him create a healthier meal plan. After Porowski encouraged Rodriguez to eat fruits and vegetables instead of complex carbs, Rodriguez revealed that he takes a shot of tequila before every taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Porowski shared a "more elegant" way for Rodriguez to enjoy the tequila, which was in a Tequila Sunrise. They then poured a swig of tequila into a glass and topped it off with orange juice and a bit of grenadine.

To conclude the makeover, Van Ness gave Rodriguez some hair care tips.

"Guillermo's hair is giving me a story of a football helmet, but we are not playing football," he said in an interview before giving Rodriguez a softer hairstyle.

The Queer Eye team then joined Kimmel for the live segment of the show before Rodriguez revealed his new look.

Rodriguez entered the stage on a red carpet. He wore a flattering blue jacket and button-up shirt, while he held a Tequila Sunrise in his hand. He struck a number of poses at the end of the carpet to show off his new look and confidence.

"I feel great. I look fantastic," Rodriguez said about his makeover.

Watch the full segment below.