QVC Host Who Fainted on Live TV Says She is 'Feeling Much Better' (Video)

QVC Logo - P 2012

QVC Logo - P 2012

Cassie Slane, the QVC host who startled audiences on Sunday when she slurred her words and then keeled over while pitching a tablet computer for kids, says she is feeling better.

The incident has been played and replayed online, as much as for Slane's health scare as for the way Sundays with Carolyn and Dan host Dan Hughes continued to sell the product, even as the cameras cut away. Slane later returned to complete the segment, but as she still struggled to complete her sentences, Hughes guided her to a seat.

Slane took to her Facebook feed later to reassure viewers, writing, "Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I am feeling alot better today!"

This was the second time Slane had a health scare on the air.  In 2010, she experienced similar symptoms while pitching an e-reader.

The 2010 incident: