'SNL': Debbie Downer Takes on Coronavirus, #MeToo and Trump

Daniel Craig 'SNL' "Debbie Downer" Sketch — Publicity — H 2020
Will Heath/NBC

Daniel Craig hosted the last in-studio edition of 'SNL' in March.

Rachel Dratch reprised her role as Debbie Downer to bring wedding guests down with talk about coronavirus, President Donald Trump and #MeToo on the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live.

What seemed to be a joyous wedding reception full of happy guests, including those played by host Daniel Craig, Kenan Thompson and Aidy Bryant, took a sad turn thanks to a special guest.

A mysterious person, donning a gas mask, takes a seat with the wedding guests only to reveal herself as SNL favorite Debbie Downer, played by alum Dratch. She attempts to eat a bread roll with the mask on until Bryant says that she and her tablemates aren't sick.

Though Dratch's character takes off the mask, she notes that she's lucky that she nabbed the gas mask before the world breaks into a pandemic. 

When those at her table suggest she take a drink and loosen up a bit, Debbie has this to say: "I don't wanna drink too much. Last time I drank, I was almost #MeToo-ed."

Trying to make conversation, Debbie asks her fellow attendees what they all thought about Trump, a topic that makes all but Bryant's character nervous. 

The sketch ends with Dratch's Debbie Downer catching the bride's bouquet. She says she loves the bouquet but also remembers that there's another thing that loves flowers just as much.

"You know who loves flowers? Honeybees. Too bad they're on their way out," she said.