Rachel Maddow Tells Stephen Colbert: Facts Had a Liberal Bias (Video)

The Colbert Report Rachel Maddow - H 2012
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The Colbert Report Rachel Maddow - H 2012

Though she said she had "pudding brain," Rachel Maddow had no problem working up a big smile on The Colbert Report Thursday night.

Of course, it may just be second nature now; she's very, very happy since late Tuesday night.

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The MSNBC host, and election night anchor, joined Stephen Colbert for a chat about process and politics, laughing jovially throughout.

On the difference between her network -- admittedly left -- and Fox News -- on the right, Maddow said, "I think the difference between the two sides is that the right talked themselves into the idea that it was going to be a Romney landslide, based on... I don't know. Karl Rove was saying 'Yes, I see the polls, but I also see the enthusiastic crowds. And based on the enthusiastic crowds, I'm sure that Romney is going to win. Turned out to be a bad way to predict the election."

Colbert complimented her broadcast style, dubbing her a "conservative dream crushing machine," which Maddow called providing context. And, she said, in this election, "facts have a liberal bias," which is a nice twist on Colbert's famous line: "reality has a well-known liberal bias."

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