Rachel Zoe Fires Back at Tabloids on Premiere of 'Rachel Zoe Project' (Exclusive Video)

Rachel Zoe Project Season 5 Premiere Screenshot - H 2013

This is not how stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe envisioned kicking off New York Fashion Week.

Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project returns for its fifth season with the new mother discovering the latest tabloid headline -- unfavorable, of course -- in a scene from Wednesday's premiere, exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The story that has Zoe and husband Rodger Berman up in arms? A Page Six report about her collection's low sales. "Such bull---," Berman at one point says.

How does Zoe take it?

"You're going to tell me to take the high road, right ? And I can't say anything?" Zoe forecasts. "But, you know, 'no comment' means guilty in my opinion."

If you were missing the snark, the scene ends in typical Zoe fashion: "Such a great way to start Fashion Week, by the way."

The Rachel Zoe Project premieres season five at 9 p.m. March 6 on Bravo.

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