Racing Supreme Court Intern Appears on 'Today' (Video)

Dan Stein White House Intern - H 2013

Dan Stein White House Intern - H 2013

A Supreme Court intern is getting the celebrity treatment, thanks to a viral Vine video of his race to deliver Wednesday's gay marriage ruling to NBC's Pete Williams.

Per tradition, interns are assigned networks to which they must literally run to messenger news of the high court's decisions.

Dan Stein, who interns for the SCOTUS blog, captured the most attention for his zig-zagging sprint toward Williams, one of the first to get the news. Appearing on Thursday's edition of Today, he said, "It's an honor to be part of the history and the things that happened yesterday of course."

"You can't run in the Supreme Court building so you gotta do one of those kinda awkward fast-walk, not-run things," he joked, before running some papers over to Al Roker on Today's plaza.

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