'Ravenswood': Caleb Meets a Mysterious Stranger in the Cemetery (Exclusive Video)

Caleb Rivers is in danger on Ravenswood.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a scene from the Nov. 12 hour, "The Devil Has a Face," that opens with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and ghost Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) having a verbal spat in the cemetery.

"That was dumb, what I said earlier about that email to Hanna. I wasn't trying to say that you haven't been through a lot," Miranda says to Caleb, trying to smooth things over. "I know that," he replies, sweeping that particular issue under the rug.

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When Miranda opens up the possibility of Caleb telling Hanna just how much trouble he's in, Caleb closes that door rather quickly. "If Hanna knows I'm in any kind of danger, she's going to be here before you can say 'Help,' " he says emphatically -- and that's the last thing he wants. "I'm not going to put a target on her back too."

Miranda starts to get the feeling that maybe her ghostly presence is no longer welcome. "Is my being here starting to irritate you?" she asks. Before Caleb can answer, he sees an elderly woman "stealing" some freshly cut flowers from a grave.

"Caleb?" she asks after he confronts her. Watch the clip above to find out what happens next.

Ravenswood airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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