'Ravenswood': Tyler Blackburn on 'Perfect' 'Haleb' Moment and 'Pivotal' Fall Finale

The actor promises that "there is a lot that is revealed" during Tuesday's closer.
Skip Bolen/ABC Family
Tyler Blackburn on "Ravenswood"

Ravenswood is wrapping up the first half of its rookie season with a "pivotal" midseason finale.

"There's a scene with a couple of corpses that they stumble upon that have been locked away for a hundred years, and they see the curse for what it started -- not just what it is now," Tyler Blackburn tells The Hollywood Reporter about Caleb and Co.'s search for the origin of the town's curse.

That discovery ultimately leads them to a slew of questions that accelerate the group's quest. "That opens up these doors about the past -- the past of the town, the past of the curse, who was involved and why it was started. There is a lot that is revealed. When all of them get together, they're pretty smart," Blackburn hints.

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In a preview with THR, the actor divulges a few more secrets about Tuesday's closer.

What can we expect from the midseason finale?

Honestly, it's one of my favorite episodes. As we saw last week, Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) finds the spirit of her mother and goes off with her. It's her version of what she thinks heaven is. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters start to realize that not everything is exactly what it seems. We have to go save her, basically, and talk some sense into her. There's a lot of stuff at a haunted house, and we have an angelic little girl Isabel [Myers] playing Max, who is a spooky demon. (Laughs.) We had a lot of fun filming this episode.

It's been established that Miranda, a ghost, likes Caleb. Does that get addressed in any significant way?

A bit. The circumstances are so unique, and from the get-go Caleb and Miranda have this bond that's unexplainable. They've been bonded even more after what's happened to Miranda and everybody else. Caleb is very confused because he's in love with Hanna (Ashley Benson)and has all these things going on that he wants to protect Hanna from. One of them is that Miranda is no longer living, but is sticking around as a ghost. The fact that he can see her and she's always there, it makes it harder for him to separate himself from her. She's attached them, you know? It is addressed. You get to know a little more of what's going on in Caleb's head with it.

Speaking of Hanna, give us a preview of the scene we'll see with her and Caleb.

He's been gone for only a couple of weeks now, but it's been long enough not to be with your girlfriend, so he finally takes a phone call and can't really tell her everything, and he feels she will come to him if she feels he's in danger. It's a sweet phone call, and you get to see the "Haleb" dynamic. They're just perfect.

How would you describe this final episode before you return next year?

They have to come together and help save Miranda. It's a really pivotal moment when they all sort of become this pseudo-Scooby gang and they uncover a lot about the past and the curse. There were a lot of scenes with all of us in it, and it's a great place to leave off for a few weeks because they're all together as a unit. It goes out with a bang for sure. You'll have to watch and see what that means.

How do you think viewers will be feeling after the midseason finale?

A little bit of fear, but I think it's also going to be a moment where they understand Caleb and Miranda's position, their relatives' pasts leading up to where they are now. There are elements that will leave people asking what does this mean, what does that mean? Are Caleb and Miranda the same people that they talk about from the beginning of the curse?

Ravenswood airs its midseason finale Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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