'Ray Donovan' Stars Give Advice to Their Characters: 'Quit Your Day Job'

Liev Schreiber, Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Pooch Hall and more from the cast of the Showtime drama offer words of wisdom to their characters.
"Ray Donovan"

Liev Schreiber has some straightforward advice for Ray Donovan.

“Quit. Quit your job. Quit your day job and be an actor,” he told The Hollywood Reporter he would advise his character in the Showtime drama.

In last week’s episode, Ray brought his father (Jon Voight, who is Emmy-nominated for the series’ first season) back from Mexico and arranged for a hard-nosed parole officer (Wendell Pierce) to supervise him. Ray is under scrutiny from the FBI Los Angeles bureau chief James Cochran (Hank Azaria) and a Boston reporter (Vinessa Shaw) investigating “Sully” Sullivan (James Woods), and counseling is placing a strain on his relationship with Abby (Paula Malcomson).

This season, “Ray runs the risk of being completely exposed. His marriage is challenged in a way that it’s never been challenged before. He hits rock bottom,” Schreiber tells THR. The end of the season reveals “something that I think is really interesting and important” about Ray, he says.

Eddie Marsan, who plays Ray’s brother Terry, tells THR he doesn’t know if romance is ahead for Terry after his relationship with Frances (Brooke Smith) collapsed over a murder the Donovans committed. He would advise Terry “not to carry the world on his shoulders.”

“Terry tried to morally carry the family through season one, and it almost killed him,” he says. “Terry has to reevaluate everything and reevaluate his place in the family, and whether he has a place in the family.”

Ray’s other brother Bunchy (Dash Mihok) is sober and found a job. “Some of his demons have been exorcised, and he should be able to move on,” Mihok says. Ray’s half brother Daryll (Pooch Hall) meanwhile had his relationship with his father tested when Mickey set him up to get clobbered in a Mexico boxing match. He will increase his involvement with the Donovans this season, but will have more conflict with his father, Hall tells THR.

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“I would tell Daryll to follow his gut,” he says. “Daryll, being the youngest and also wanting to be a part of this family, has been making some choices that a normal cat wouldn’t do knowing what the consequences are.”

And Marvin Gaye Washington (Octavius J. Johnson)? The young rapper has only appeared this season in music videos on the Donovan kids’ laptops and phones, but he will return to Calabasas, Johnson says.

“I’d tell him to remember what the blessings of his talent are about, that it’s not just about the fame that he’s going to receive in this season,” he says.

Ray Donovan airs Sunday at 9 p.m.

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