‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsIt’s definitely different to see the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trying so hard to spend time together rather than apart. And furthermore who would have ever thought that Camille Grammer would be the uniting force in this group?

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On only the second episode this season, the ladies are already packing up and leaving Beverly Hills to spend time with Camille at her mountain home in Colorado. Turns out that she has to sell the home as part of her divorce settlement, so she has decided to have one last hurrah there. But a different locale didn’t mean the issues between the women would stay in Beverly Hills.

Light a candle for Adrienne Maloof and Paul. Is anyone sensing that the bickering is turning into a problem for the two? There's just a little more twist of the knife in their voices than there was last season, no?

Therapy’s weak? Lisa Vanderpump’s husband Ken’s comments were still causing some chill between her, Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong. So, when the gals were stuck on a four-and-a-half-hour ride to Camille’s house, Kyle asked Lisa if Ken was angry with her. That caused Lisa to defend her husband’s opinion and prompted Taylor to say that no one asked him for his thoughts on the subject in the first place. While we felt Ken’s comments were insensitive, we have to agree with Lisa that one doesn’t have to ask for permission to speak one’s mind at a dinner party. We don’t think Kyle and Taylor appreciated Lisa’s defense of her husband, but they should really take her advice and take it up with Ken.

Divorce agrees with you. That’s a terrible thing to say… unless it’s true. And in Camille’s case it is. Not only does she come off less defensive and affected than she did last season, she freely tells horror stories about Kelsey – such as needing to manscape his back or mocking him for the ease in which he jumped into another relationship. Camille should have no regrets about returning for a second season if only because it allows her to deliver digs to her cheating ex on a weekly basis.

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Kim can talk, and talk, and talk. We’re still trying to get a temperature on Kim this season. After last season’s horrific fight with her sister, she seems to be treading lightly around her. Since then, Kim has been in treatment for her alleged alcoholism and she hasn’t spoken to her sister much until now. So, is she being "Chatty Cathy" to diffuse the tension in the air or has the time away from Kyle helped her find her voice?

Taylor is one crossed eye from a breakdown. Whatever is happening in Taylor’s marriage at this point in time is really making her an emotional wreck. It’s hard to take her words and not make assumptions as to what's really going on in her relationship. Quite frankly, it could be as simple as the love is gone to a whole host of other more serious issues. And in the interest of keepin’ it classy, we won’t make those assumptions now as we feel there’s a possibility a blizzard of answers is heading our way.

What’s your take on the various relationships among the women right now? Tell us in the comments section below.

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