'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' to Appear on 'Anderson' Talk Show

Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Adrian Maloof and Camille Grammer taped a segment with host Anderson Cooper talking about Monday's season premiere and Russell Amstrong's suicide.

The women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sat down with Anderson Cooper for a taping of his new show on Tuesday, the day after the second season premiere of the Bravo reality show.

Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrian Maloof were in the studio at The Allen Room in New York's Time Warner Center, while Camille Grammer joined in via satellite. The Hollywood Reporter attended the taping.

The husbands of Richards, Venderpump and Maloof were also in the audience.

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In the season premiere on Monday, Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd had some harsh words for Taylor Armstrong, after she revealed she was attending counseling with her husband, Russell Armstrong. On the episode, he said he would consider it “weak” to go to counseling.

"I'm an old fashioned Englishman. I don't believe in therapy, especially marriage therapy,” he said on Anderson. However, he admitted that, since Russell Amstrong’s shocking suicide, he wished his comments had been taken out of the show.

"I'd prefer them to have taken it out. But it's reality. I said it,” said Todd.

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Russell Armstrong, 47, was found dead in his apartment on August 16. He had committed suicide by hanging.

When Cooper asked about chronicling the months before Armstrong’s death on the reality show, Maloof said, “I actually think that if you could take this very sad situation and start a dialogue...maybe this is a platform for this."

But Cooper, who lost his older brother to suicide when he was 23, suggested that perhaps reality television is not "the right forum" to have that discussion.

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Vanderpump noted that the cast was offered grief counseling by Bravo, but none of them availed themselves of it. She also said that contrary to reports, Grammer did attend Russell Armstrong's funeral.

"Obviously it was Bravo's decision (to go forward with the show). I hope they, the editors, will be sensitive,” said Vanderpump.

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All three women dismissed the notion that the show put pressure on the Armstrongs and may have had some role in Russel Armstrong's suicide.

"This isn't about reality television," said Richards. "This is about depression."

"But also in reality television," added Maloof. "The raw moments are what people connect to."