'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Kim's 5 Surefire Ways to Avoid Reality (Video)

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It could have been a beautiful trip to Hawaii to celebrate Kyle Richards’ hot hubby Mauricio Umansky’s birthday, but this is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that’s not how they roll.

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Brandi Glanville had the week off from catfights as the housewives’ evil eyes set their gaze on Kim Richards and her new live-in boyfriend, Ken Blumenfeld. The two behaved as if they were in their own world with a total disregard for the other people on the trip and that doesn’t sit well with the other girls.

Kim has always had a special way of coping with reality, so I thought I’d round up the coping mechanisms she used during the Hawaii trip on Monday’s episode.

1. There’s always another plane. We already know that Kim and airplanes are not friends. That much we learned when Adrienne Maloof invited her to a Sacramento Kings game earlier in the season. But imagine Kim flying from L.A. to Hawaii, which requires boarding two planes? Kim never stood a chance. She ended up arriving approximately 36 hours after everyone else.

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2. Why admit fault when you can throw someone else under the bus? Although she had previously claimed that she missed her flight because her ID had expired and she couldn’t find her passport, Kim later blamed her missed flights on Ken having to work. It doesn’t even matter that he’s retired…

3. Time is just a fuzzy goal. The crew had a boating excursion planned, but Kim and Ken were more than a half hour late for the trip over to the dock. So, Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump went to great lengths – even jumping over to the couple’s back balcony – to get them up. In the end, Kim and Ken ended up being left at the dock. How did Kim explain their tardiness? She said the hotel never made the wake up call they ordered. See No. 2 above.

4. Everything happens for a reason (especially if you’re the reason). Having missed the boat – literally – Kim and Ken enjoyed a relaxing lunch. Later, she told the girls that it was meant to be and that “everything happens for a reason.” The saying is usually a way to explain how fate has a hand in the things that occur in our life. But, can you actually use the phrase when you’re the reason why something happened? Kim can.

5. When you’re backed into a corner, just say who cares. OK, this is more Ken, than Kim, but she went along with it. Clearly, Kyle was fed up with her sister and Ken’s behavior and finally decided to call them out. And then Ken created an “Oh, no he didn’t” moment when he told Kim, “We don’t care.” What! That’s right, say it: Oh, no he didn’t.

What’s your take on Kim’s behavior in Hawaii? Tell us in the comments section below.

Watch the “We Don’t Care” moment again below.

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