'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Premiere: First 10 Confrontations of Season 2

The episode gave viewers a taste of the conflicts to come in its sophomore season.

With just one season under its belt, Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rapidly lived up to the franchise when it came to drama, arguments, and controversy. Fans were already greatly anticipating Monday’s Season 2 return, but then the tragic suicide of Taylor Armstrong’s estranged husband, Russell, gave the wait a new sense of urgency.

VIDEO: 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Premiere: Cast Members Discuss Russell Armstrong Suicide on 'Today'

The network went ahead with its slated premiere date, but started with a short reunion segment with the women (sans Taylor) and a couple of their husbands discussing the suicide. That done, the series went ahead with footage shot before Russell’s death.

The episode gave fans a chance to see what had happened in the time since we last saw the women and gave us a taste of the conflicts to come.

Here are the first ten battles of Season 2.

1. The women versus their guilt. In the short opener (as opposed to reports of a full blown Bravo special) on Russell’s suicide, the women discussed their feelings about the event. The group agreed that they didn’t see it coming. Kyle Richards seemed to be the most expressive about her emotions and suggested the Armstrongs’ finances had a large part to play in Russell’s death. She also said she believed the group felt a collective sense of guilt. Lisa Vanderpump, who was very vocal about her distaste for Russell last season, said she acted on what Taylor had told them about their marriage and believes she would still do nothing differently. The topic we were all waiting for was really never discussed. Did having their lives portrayed on a television show add to Russell’s decision to take his own life?

2. Kyle versus Kim. At the end of the last season, the sisters got into a huge fight over supporting each other. It clearly brought up years of resentment. When Season 2 opens, Kim Richards admits she had not seen her sister since the reunion episode, but feels positive they’ll overcome their anger.

3. Camille versus her ex-husband, Kelsey. Camille Grammer has found one positive reason for staying on the show. It gives her a chance to voice her complaints about Kelsey without interruption. She says her divorce is final and admits they don’t speak except via a mediator when it comes to the kids. She also takes the time to explain how his new girlfriend (now wife) moved in to her home and promptly emptied it of her possessions. That home wrecker.

4. Lisa versus Cedric. Lisa admitted in the reunion special that she had a falling out with her “house boy,” Cedric. The attention-grabbing, aging Brit – we’re talking about Cedric not Lisa – approached Taylor on the street as she was going to meet Kyle. She was literally shaking from fear that Lisa would hear and think she was befriending her enemy. We see in the preview for the upcoming season that Cedric’s 15 minutes has a few seconds left in it when he crashes a party Lisa’s throwing.

5. Taylor versus Lisa. Lisa is still very annoyed at Taylor for stealing her BFF, Kyle, from her last season. She then says in an interview that she believes Taylor to be very manipulative and deceptive.

VIDEO: 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 2 Preview

6. Jiggy versus Jackpot. The diva of the series – again, we’re talking about Lisa’s dog, Jiggy, not Lisa – has some competition. Adrienne Maloof has a new glitz-sporting puppy and he’s stealing some of Jiggy’s thunder. Jackpot already has two things going for him: Youth and all of his hair.

7. Kim versus the booze. Alcohol was not Kim’s friend last season. And after the big fight with her sister, she did a stint in rehab. When she arrived for a party at Adrienne’s house, she was confronted by a tray of wine at the door. Well, at least we think it was Kim, because we just saw a blur hurry past the tray, saying no thanks.

8. Lisa versus Bernie the chef. Lisa’s lack of self-editing when it comes to what she says has already gotten her in a heap of trouble. That’s not limited to the housewives. Apparently, she said the wrong thing to Adrienne’s chef, Bernie, about his food and he hasn’t let it go. If she were smart, she’d let Jiggy try the food first when she eats at Adrienne’s house.

9. Adrienne versus her husband, Paul. The Bickersons are still at it. When last year they laughed off their constant arguing as part of their relationship, Adrienne doesn’t seem to think it’s very funny anymore. So, as he was being playful during her dinner party, Adrienne wasn’t laughing. It’s hard to tell whether Paul was ruining the party for her or if her reaction to him was the real party pooper.

10. Ken versus Kyle and Taylor. Lisa’s husband, Ken, seems to be just as good at putting his foot in his mouth as she is. After Taylor admits that she and Russell are seeking marriage counseling, he says that he would never do that and saw it as weak. While Taylor boohooed in the bathroom, Kyle came to her defense. That, of course, got Lisa boiling with jealousy at yet another example of Kyle and Taylor’s growing friendship.

This season is already boiling over with potential catfights! And we haven’t even met the housewives’ new "frienemies," Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville, who the previews reveal are experts at stirring the pot.

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