'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Brandi Unites Kim and Kyle on Game Night

The Richards sisters come together in their shared distaste for the new girl.

If one good thing came out of Dana Wilkey’s Game Night on Monday’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, at least Kyle Richards and Kim Richards found something to unite over. They both really dislike the new gal, Brandi Glanville.

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Who else was expecting much more from Dana’s game night? First of all, I thought it was going to be a much bigger party when she and Taylor Armstrong were talking about it initially. Dana said she was going over the top with it, but it just seemed like someone just threw those game-themed deserts together at the last minute and she taped some words on the floor. Enough about Dana’s party planning failure, because bigger things happened on the episode. Game Night was what it was. Let’s just say the 25 grand spent on the sunglasses could have been put to better use – like furniture.

On to Brandi versus Kim and Kyle. Honestly, I’m split on who’s at fault here. My first reaction is to side with the sisters, because I have more loyalty toward them. But, here are the facts. Kim arrived in a hot mess -- whether she was intoxicated is debatable. And she did openly talk trash about Brandi as if she wasn’t in the room. If I were to put myself in Brandi’s shoes – or shoe and cast – I’d probably strike out at them for making me feel bad too. On the other hand, Brandi hasn’t done a good job of reading these women. She has said and done some things they find distasteful and a smarter person would have tested the waters for a while. Kim and Kyle were the mean girls (hiding her crutches, Kim? Tsk, tsk) and I have a feeling that’s their comfort zone. Who did you side with?

I did love how Camille Grammer stayed impartial, the total Switzerland in this conflict. She has been on the bad side of the Richards girls and she apparently doesn’t want to be there again.

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Bravo did Dana no favors by switching from her campfire girls meeting to Lisa Vanderpump’s very beautiful dinner at her home. Her daughter finally got engaged to her boyfriend, so mazel tov to her. It was nice to see her emotional over the news. I’m looking forward to watching her plan the wedding. Now, that’s going to be over the top. Dana, take notes.

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