'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Kim Richards' Alcoholism, 4 More Reunion Revelations

On Monday's Bravo special, the housewife takes on questions after her stint in rehab and the women wrap up other loose ends from the season.

After behaving erratically for most of the season and then checking into a rehab program, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Kim Richards took the hot seat on Bravo’s third part of its reunion specials on Monday.

In addition to Kim’s appearance, Taylor Armstrong further discussed the abuse she suffered in her marriage, Dana Wilkey answered to her apparent need to disclose the monetary value of everything she owns, and the house husbands dropped by.

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Here are my top 5 revelations from Monday’s reunion special.

1. Brandi Glanville throws shade at Taylor. Taylor further described the torment she endured while married to the late Russell Armstrong. There were some pretty amazing stories including him secretly recording her, him physically beating her and her friends up in a scene sounding much like a pro wrestling battle royale, and him dislocating (not breaking as Camille Grammer had said on the show) her jaw. But, what was sort of amazing about it all was when Brandi admitted that she found talking about a dead man in that way uncomfortable – another jab at Taylor’s tell all memoir?

2. Dana Wilkey breaks out with a “poor little rich girl” story. I guess this is what the reunion specials are about: To hash out events in a way the series didn’t capture. Real Housewives friend, Dana, had gotten a lot of grief from fans (and fellow housewives) for her self-admitted tacky need to discuss the value of her possessions – most notably those $25,000 sunglasses.

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On the reunion special, she said she doesn’t regret doing so and explained how her poor mother died when she was young and she went to live with her rich father in New York City. Apparently, she attended one of the best schools in the city and always felt a need to prove she belonged. Did you buy (pun intended) her reasoning for her behavior? I’m just going to throw this out there as my standing opinion on her behavior. Dana is a publicist and I believe she wore things on the show to get attention for clients’ products – and she’s tacky.

3. Brandi Glanville wants to hit it with Lisa Vanderpump’s husband. This is cute, but  I don’t believe it for a second. That’s all I need to say about this. I do love that Ken gets an ego boost from the attention.

4. Kim Richards takes a load off. There was something very settling about having Kim appear to discuss her on-screen spiral from her addiction to alcohol. I think for those who really worried about her condition, it was nice to see her looking so fresh and, I’m just going to say it, fed. “That wasn’t me,” she said of how she appeared on this past season. And to see her sober, I believe it.

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5. Apologies all around, but no forgiveness for Brandi. I would have to say that Brandi does lack much in the way of tact. But, I think that’s what her fans love about her. Though, her jump to accusing Kim of using crystal meth may not have been the best way of approaching Kim’s erratic behavior at Dana’s game night. And while Kim says she apologizes for hiding Brandi’s crutches (something Kyle wouldn’t cop to being an accomplice to), she says she can’t forgive Brandi for what she said that night. I understand where she’s coming from, but I hope that she changes her mind. Not for Brandi, but just so she can fully move on from that whole time in her life.

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