'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Taylor Is Shaken and Stirred

We grade the women on how they reacted to their cast mate's breakdown.

What was it that chef called the croutons at the final dinner at Camille Grammer’s Beaver Creek home? Oh, yeah, “nutty, sweet, and crunchy.” That was an appropriate description for Monday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, too.

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What started as a fun getaway for the girls spun out of control quickly once they mixed a few too many glasses of bubbly with Taylor Armstrong and shook. The housewife just fell apart in a cloud of sadness over the state of her marriage.

What was most educational about the breakdown wasn’t the realization that Taylor’s marriage is a powder keg waiting to blow (because, um, duh), but that the other housewives showed some interesting shades of their personality while it was all going down – and some of it wasn’t helpful.

We graded the women on how they reacted to Taylor’s breakdown.

Camille gets a “C.” The divorcee spent the first part of Taylor’s breakdown hiding in her room upstairs. After coming down for dinner, she made very little effort at trying to calm her cast mate down. She gets a C for neither helping nor hurting the situation.

Adrienne gets a “B-.” She was clearly quick to diagnose that Taylor was having a nervous breakdown, but Adrienne Maloof’s pragmatism tends to get the better of her. Looking a drunk, hungry, emotional, and disoriented person in the eye and saying “Get yourself together” is not exactly the most effective method of calming them down.

Lisa gets a “C-.” She definitely made all the right moves to try and keep Taylor calm, but we know how Lisa Vanderpump feels about her cast mate. So while she treated Taylor with semi-kid gloves, we couldn’t help but notice a slight twinkle of joy in her eye at seeing her nemesis falling apart.

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Kim gets an “A.” It was nice to see Kim Richards’ mothering skills highlighted here. We already know from Season 1 that Kim knows what it feels like to lose it while the other women watch. We felt that even though she doesn’t have the closest relationship with Taylor that she treated her as kindly as she could. If only the other women could silence their alpha-female tendencies for a few hours and let Kim do her thing, we think she could have been Taylor’s best chance for a speedy recovery.

Kyle gets a “D-.” It’s strange to see how patient Kyle Richards is with her children, because she has proven several times that she isn’t the person one should turn to in a crisis. First, she basically stripped her sister of her dignity in last season’s heated finale fight when Kim was in no position to defend herself well. And in this episode, she admitted she was over Taylor’s breakdown and found it intrusive to her vacation. By the way, she’s also supposed to be Taylor’s closest friend on the show. We judge you, Kyle.

How would you have graded the women on how they handled Taylor’s breakdown? Tell us in the comments section below.

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