'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Melissa Gorga on Her Feud With Teresa Giudice and What's Ahead

The Bravo reality star talks to THR about some big moments coming up and reveals her true thoughts on Caroline Manzo's interference and what actually went down with her father-in-law.
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Melissa Gorga

Only three episodes in, this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has had no shortage of drama -- and star Melissa Gorga promises plenty of big moments ahead.

Taking center stage so far has been the ongoing feud between the Gorga and the Guidices. (Melissa is married to Teresa Giudice's brother, Joe Gorga.)

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Ahead of Sunday's new episode, Melissa talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Teresa's upcoming blowout with Joe, her true thoughts on Caroline Manzo's interference, what actually went down with her father-in-law and what viewers will see in future episodes.

The Hollywood Reporter: So far this season, the tension between the Gorgas and the Giudices has been the main focus. Will we continue to see that play out this season?

Melissa Gorga: Yeah, I think this season is a lot about the relationship between Teresa and I, and I think it's been center stage so far. From what I know we filmed, that's pretty much how it goes. It's really complicated, and you get a lot of answers this season as to what's going on behind the scenes, how deep and dirty people are being to each other -- a lot of answers come out. We worked really, really hard to work it out and get to the point where we can be in the same room together without screaming. We do get a happy ending, which we never usually have on this show. It's not easy, and it's a long road. For me, it's extremely emotional this season. I can see it on my face when I watch the episodes. I'm not smiling as much as I usually do. You can see it on my face, I look stressed out and upset, and I'm upset I allowed it to get to me.

THR: The next episode features a blowup between Teresa and her brother. What happened there?

Gorga: It's kind of Teresa getting a taste of her own medicine. She dishes it and when her brother dishes it back at her, she doesn't like it. It's a classic form of, "You can dish it, but you can't take it." My husband was sick of constantly hearing negative things about me that are untrue, and these negative comments coming from all the people around Teresa. Joe's real; he has nothing to hide. He comes out and says something she doesn't want to hear.

THR: You were recently a bit irritated that Caroline was inserting herself into the situation by reaching out to Joe.

Gorga: I love Caroline and her kids. I think she's great. But at the time of filming, I was frustrated because she kept talking to Joe without including me. I was stressed out, and I could have used her help, as well, so I think that's what that was about. It was more like, "What about me?" Watching it, I get why she wanted to help Joe out and give him advice.

THR: Is it enlightening to see what other castmembers are saying when you get to see the episodes?

Gorga: I think it's always eye-opening when you sit back and listen to everyone in their interviews and confessionals and get to see what they're really thinking.

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THR: Your father-in-law's illness has been a source of tension this season. [Teresa accused Melissa of waiting four days to visit him in the hospital, which Melissa denied.]

Gorga: I think that was not only a misunderstanding, but it really was none of anybody's business. My husband was the one who rushed him to the hospital. He got up in the middle of the night. Teresa was not there that night. My husband was, and he was coming down with something. My father-in-law knew it. He knew I was not feeling welll and didn't want us anywhere near the hospital. It was shocking to see the whole thing play out. It caught me completely off guard. I never thought in a million years that someone would have confronted me about that. And the sad part about it was it was at a child's birthday party. I thought it was the wrong time to approach me. A lot of people don't know they asked to film me, like everybody else, going to the hospital, and I refused. I didn't want to expose his sickness on TV. I had no idea Teresa was filming with him.

THR: How is he doing today?

Gorga: He is doing much better. There are always going to be issues when there are lung and breathing issues. Once you get pneumonia, it's easy to get it back again. But right now, he's great.

THR: What else can you reveal about what's coming up the rest of the season?

Gorga: There is a huge moment coming up in Lake George [in New York]. We go away on vacation and try to have some therapeutic [professionals] come in and try to help. They end up breaking through to us. It's not easy. What you see us do in a 24-hour period will blow your mind.

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THR: You also have a book coming out in September [Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage]. What inspired you to write that?

Gorga: I've been getting so many people on Twitter and fans coming up to me, saying "I love the marriage you and Joe have. How do you stay so into each other?" We are very traditional and old-school, but we live this modern life on reality TV [and in the spotlight]. I write about balancing both, how I keep my husband happy, why he keeps looking my way and why he wants to come home to me every night. These tips honestly work. It's advice that ladies want. It's a fun read. There's also a little background about me and how I grew up. I’m also excited about my new single coming out, too. It's called "Never Let Me Go," and it will be released sometime next month.

New episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey air at 8 p.m. on Sundays on Bravo.