'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: 6 Key Moments of Birthdays, Bouncy Houses & Beatstock

The families come together to celebrate Antonia's sixth birthday, Melissa and Gia prepare for Beatstock, the Wakiles meet Rosie's new friend, and the Manzos meet Albie's new love interest.
The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Internal family squabbles continue in the aftermath of brother and sister Joe and Teresa's therapy session. The two agree that therapy didn't do much for them and what they really need to do is keep trying to mend fences by doing things like Sunday family dinners. It was a mixed bag of happy and strained moments this week.  

1. Lauren and Caroline looked at the storefront where they'll be opening "Caface" -- a cafe for the face, which will combine Lauren's makeup artistry with a cafe and clothing and jewelry boutique. Lauren has reservations about the name and tries to change her mother's mind about it, to little avail.

2. Melissa receives an offer to perform at Beatstock, a music festival in the New York/New Jersey area. Melissa wants to participate but knows the crowd will be tough so she's connected with Cris Judd, aka Jennifer Lopez's former flame, to choreograph her routine. Best line on Melissa's part when Judd references his work with the late great Michael Jackson, "From Michael Jackson to Melissa Gorga..." Wisely, Judd says nothing in response to her remark, but we could swear we heard him thinking, "Where has my career gone?" 

3. In the tradition of Real Housewives lavish parties, Melissa Gorga throws a birthday party for daughter Antonia, complete with two bouncy houses, a cotton candy and popcorn stand, a temporary tattoo artist and a dessert table that's far better than any Bar Mitzvah we've attended. Also at the birthday party: Jacqueline is still emotionally bruised from her friendship fallout with Teresa, Melissa tells Teresa she'd be happy to host Sunday dinner next Sunday, and Teresa responds with "yeah, yeah, yeah," which Melissa takes to mean Teresa doesn't really mean it, but then Teresa says she'll bring dessert, so it's anyone's guess as to if the dinner will actually happen. 

4. Gia auditions with a large group of kids for Beatstock, rocking a pair of hot pink booty shorts, matching hot pink sports bra with black mesh top and silver sneakers. Teresa, ever the watchful stage mother, beams from the sidelines while Gia dances her little heart out and makes the cut. When Teresa tries to pick Gia up to hug and congratulate her, Gia pushes her away, and not gently. Next Giudice therapy candidate: l'il Miss Gia. Ironic voice-over prize goes to Teresa for her V.O. when Gia pushes her away, "Gia is the reason I went to therapy, because Gia knew what was going on, and I want to always be happy around her."

5. The Wakiles have a big family dinner so everyone can meet Rosie's new friend Brianne, who Rosie met when she and Kathy went to The Cubbyhole, a gay bar, in last week's episode. The family welcomes Brianne, which is very nice, but we thought it was a little weird when Kathy's husband, Rich, kept remarking how beautiful Brianne was and seemed to be hitting on her.

6. More love interest action as Albie introduced his girlfriend Lindsay, a professional cheerleader, to the Manzos at his friend Greg's birthday party. Interesting fact: Albie tells us his mom Caroline is not the toughest judge of potential girlfriends; it's his sister Lauren who is the most judgmental. This only made us like Lauren even more.  

Can Joe and Teresa ever get along without tabloid friction? Will there be a Gorga/Giudice family dinner? Will Melissa and Gia have a dance-off at Beatstock? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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