'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion: Teresa Has No Regrets

It was three against one and the Guidice housewife held her ground.

Bravo wrapped up Season 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey with Sunday’s second part of the reunion special. The cards were stacked against Teresa Giudice as the rest of the women were prepared to take her to task over some of the things she did on the past season.

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The second installment started with a heavy emphasis on Caroline Manzo’s storylines including her dealing with her empty nest, offering unsolicited advice,  and finally her real world fallout with sister and former cast member, Dina Manzo. Caroline said that Teresa turned her sister against her and that Dina hasn’t spoken to her for a couple months. Teresa corrected her, saying that they’ve been on the outs since Dina left the show last year. I'm not sure whether Teresa ever really denied that she helped drive a stake between the sisters, but I'm sure you'll remind me.

The attention then turned to Teresa for most of the remainder of the show and the role she played in keeping her family from reconciling this season. At one point, a viewer asked her if she regretted anything she said about sister-in-law Melissa Gorga this season and she couldn’t think of a darn thing. So, she asked Melissa to name something. Clearly, the biggest thing Melissa wanted to hear Teresa take back was that she married Joe Gorga for money. Teresa didn’t give her the satisfaction.

Luckily, Melissa created a list on her cell phone – a very long and detailed list. After she rattled off several other things her sister-in-law said about her on-camera, Teresa finally said she regretted saying that she put poison in her brother’s head. That didn’t come off as very sincere. It just looked like Teresa wanted out of the question.

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I do have to give Teresa credit for finally stopping to listen to cousin Kathy Wakile about Audriana being left unattended during the crazy at Melissa's child's christening and how she brought her out of the room. It was what it was, after all. And Teresa really held on to that all season as a criticism of her parenting, which I thought was just blown out of proportion.

To be honest, I haven’t been a fan of Teresa’s for a long while now. And when I started this season, I was happy to hear what Melissa had to say. The fans almost instantly went after her from Episode 1, which boggled my mind. I felt they were behaving out of loyalty to a person we had come to know over previous seasons rather than really waiting to see what Melissa was all about. Sure, Melissa has made some obvious digs at Teresa during the show. But when it came to repairing her husband and Teresa’s relationship, I felt she was more than willing to step aside and let it happen. I think she made a good point during the reunion that maybe the poisoning came from Joe Giudice, who on more than one occasion had tried to sabotage the siblings’ reconciliation.

What did you take away from the reunion and are you looking forward to Season 4? Tell us in the comments section below.

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