'Real Housewives' Alex McCord to Dish About Motherhood on New CafeMom Web Series (Video)

Alex McCord Headshot - P 2011
Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Alex McCord Headshot - P 2011

Former The Real Housewives of New York cast member Alex McCord has landed a new (web) TV gig.

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McCord will be appearing with original Melrose Place star and CafeMom.com co-founder Andrew Shue on the original YouTube channel, CafeMom Studios, on a web talk series called Coffee Shop Confessions.

“It’s Andrew and three moms – I’m one of the moms,” McCord tells The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s a more conservative religious mom, you’ve got hippy granola chick mom, and I guess I’m sort of the saucy, inappropriate one.”

Premiering on April 6, Shue -- himself a father of five -- presents McCord, Timberly Whitfield and Julia Knight with different mom confessions the site has gathered and the women will weigh in on them.

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“It was such a phenomenal group of women,” McCord says. “And it was everything you want a group of women to be as far as egging each other on and supporting each other in a positive way and everyone being funny and building on top of one another. And no one was tearing anyone down, oddly enough.”

The confessions range from the comedic and peculiar like “My son’s name is Spongebob,” to the possibly unspeakable such as, “I’m secretly skipping my birth control, so I can get pregnant again.”

“Each episode starts with a funny little dialogue and we’re chitchatting,” she says. “Then, we watch the reenactment of whatever crazy confession it is and then react to it. Whether it’s, ‘Oh, my God, that’s a Tuesday. I do that every day. That’s no big deal,’ or ‘That mother should be lit on fire.’ And we certainly didn’t always agree, which I though was the beautiful part.”

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After Bravo decided not to renew her contract last September, McCord says she and husband Simon Van Kempen have been placing a lot of effort into their bedding and bath textile business Aluxe Home, her children, and charity work.

Additionally, McCord says the couple is seriously vetting possible television opportunities, which includes ongoing talks with Bravo.

“As far as future reality [series] for us,” she explains. “We don’t want to have to play defense… we don’t want to put ourselves out there for that kind of toxicity again. So whatever we do next, we want to make sure it’s the right show. I would rather not do a show than set myself up with the wrong show.”

Watch a quick promo for Coffee Shop Confessions below.

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