'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Toaster Ovens, Wine Tasting & Florida

This week's fun included a wine tasting, a quick flight to Bal Harbour and a set-up.
Sonja Morgan

It was a relatively sedate episode this week with the New York Housewives as they saved the real punch for the promo for future episodes. Let's review.

1. Sonja is gearing up to market her signature toaster oven and cookbook. She and Heather debate the crucial question of whether there should be a black and white or color photo of Sonja on the packaging, because Sonja is such a "colorful" woman.  

2. Luann and boyfriend Jacques host a wine tasting, and they attempt to fool Ramona by making her blind taste-test her own Ramona Pinot Grigio. Ramona passes the test with flying colors, identifying all the flavor elements in her favorite beverage. Aviva thinks it's a bit mean-spirited to tease Ramona in this fashion. 

3. While Ramona is off to visit Aviva in Bal Harbour, Heather and Luann have a coffee date and get their brows done at the Boom Boom Room Brow Bar. Heather posits that the Florida jaunt with Ramona was evening the score for Heather not inviting Ramona on the London trip. 

4. In Florida, at Aviva and Reed's beautiful high-rise apartment, we met Reed's mother and Aviva's dad, who, we learn, is quite the playboy. Aviva has the idea that her dad and Sonja will be a good match, and we'll find out in the next episode if that's true because they're making us wait for Sonja's Florida arrival. 

5. Ramona and Mario arrive in Florida and after admiring Aviva and Reed's sumptuous apartment, Ramona remarks that she feels like she's on spring break. Aviva's reaction is classic: "I don't know if I can keep up with her. I don't want to have a wet T-shirt contest with Ramona." 

6. The previews for next week's episode are the wildest mix yet including scenes from a group trip to St. Bart's, a naked Sonja, Aviva telling Ramona, "you are my problem" and someone gets called "white trash." Bon voyage ladies!

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